professional ebook designProfessional eBook design is what you need if you want your eBook to be taken seriously. You know that saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well unfortunately, people still judge books by their covers literally. So if you are thinking of publishing your own eBook, keep in mind that its cover is still one of the main determining factors if someone will want to buy your eBook and read it. Which leads to the question, how should your eBook cover design look? The simple answer is, it must have a professional eBook design. A professional design is what you need if you want it to stand out and get picked from an electronic book shelf. If you are not skilled or gifted with artistry in creating your very own professional design, there are some methods and ways to help you in achieving this.

Some ways to help you achieve a professional eBook design

1) There are graphic designers that provide services of designing eBook covers. Just guide him with the kind of look and feel that you want, that you need a professional eBook design.

2) If you do not have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer, there are actually available templates online for eBook covers. Just look for one that at first glance shouts a professional design.

3) There are software applications also available for designing book covers. I highly recommend the Cover Factory Version 2 which is a program for Windows, which can help you come up with that professional eBook design in a matter of minutes.

Now after deciding on your professional design, on to the finishing touches.

Finishing your eBook

There are quite a lot of people and services out there that could help you in publishing your eBook, apart from just your professional eBook design. When you are down to the finishing touches, you can avail of services of experts that can edit and proofread your book. They can also choose for the appropriate font and text style that will suit your eBook content, as well as matches your professional eBook cover. There are also those that can make the text more legible on-screen by adjusting the paragraphs, layout, graphics and format. You don’t even have to meet them in person, you just have to email them your manuscript and discuss over the phone or on the internet. Take note that it would help if they would do the formatting from scratch, so you can just send a word file. It usually takes an average of 7-10, but you also have to consider the kinds of work that has to be done. If the service will not just take care of the proofreading and editing and also the graphic design services such as the professional eBook design, the better. You can also avail of discounts, while you send the manuscript 2-3 days upon choosing that professional design.

After all these formatting and designing, once you get the content done and the professional eBook design done, the next step would be to market your eBook.

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