get rich quickGet rich quick but do have an idea how? While a lot of people cringe to the idea and simply make a mockery out of it like it is an impossible task. It really is as simple as that. If a person is fed with the right knowledge coupled with determination and focus, it is really not impossible to rapidly increase your wealth.

Before I discuss my point of view, I would like to point out that what I mean by get rich quick is not as rapid as getting results overnight. Like everything ever is, it all has something to do with luck or chance. You could have a brilliant idea but chance or luck may not be on your side. This is why many people turn down the idea, because it is not a solid means to generate wealth, but then again, nothing ever is.

If you wish to really get rich quick despite the odds, here’s a few important things you have to have in order to achieve it.

3 Important “Get Rich Quick” Attributes People Should Possess

  1. Original

What I mean in original is, this person possess an original idea or thought that makes it stand out from all everything that’s already out there. Having a good idea is the most basic step to get rich quick, as it is the stepping stone to any success you would like to achieve.

  1. Determination

With the endless possibilities this new age can offer, anyone can have a good idea. Unless it is something too common, any idea is workable. The very essence of rapid success and wealth is really on action. Ideas are easy to come up with, but only very few act upon it.

  1. Knowledge

You can’t simply be determined, you should also avoid being reckless. A lot of people commit to making their ideas into reality without looking into other factors that could affect their chances of success. This is where most get rich quick ideas immediately die, and which is possibly why a lot of people refuse to risk realizing the power of their thoughts.

Knowledge is a very powerful thing. To demonstrate to you how powerful it is, the word arbitrage is a concept most people aren’t aware of, yet it is actually the biggest idea in wealth any person who wants to get rich quick must be able to understand.

To help you understand this idea, let me show you an example. If you had a dollar that I would trade 70 cents for would you accept the deal? If we make the values a little higher, say for example, I ask you to trade your $100,000 for my $75,000 will you accept?

Normally you would say no. How could receiving less actually help you get rich quick? This is the thing, which arbitrageurs do all the time. It works for them because they look beyond the numerical value of money. The most common example of this idea is buying things in bulk to sell them at wholesale. This is because in buying in bulk, you become entitled to a discount do to your purchase. If you are able to sell each item at wholesale, your investment is sure to rake up profit. In a way it is similar to taking a dollar by giving away your 70 cents.

A lot of people have grown wealthy from the practice of arbitrage. It is said to be the secret pathway to long term wealth. Here is a real get rich quick idea that really changed my life from broke to wealthy. I leave you with another great idea, for newspapers and local journal price lists, ads usually cost around $140 for a small portion on a page. If you choose to have a full page, you buy a whopping $900. To get rich quick, I thought of applying arbitrage.

I made a weekly page called “Martins Market” and competed against the other newspapers of by selling my small ads space for $90. Clearly, mine was the better choice, being $50 cheaper. My page can have 40 ads of the same sizes and it made me $3600 weekly for paying just $900 for a full page advertisement from the newspaper. I received good returns from my clients and even increased my profits by offering them with a discount for every 6 months advance payment. In other words, I was able to get rich quick.

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