get noticedGet noticed – this is the goal of every aspiring writer. Being “good” isn’t going to cut it. You have to set yourself apart from others.

You don’t have to be good at everything. Just find one thing and focus on it. Once you know your forte, you’ll get noticed for it. Most importantly, find a way to make this apparent in your writing.

Case 1: Get noticed by starting with something special.

My breakthrough was much unexpected. I wasn’t even writing at that time. I was casually watching the film Bring it On when I had that amazing realization. Why not start with something special?

I watched the bonus features of the film and something struck me. The director said that the soundtrack got noticed first. The cheers were catchy. It stuck with most people. From then on, I wondered if it would work with writing. I asked myself, would I get noticed if I put a song or a poem first? Then aha! It did! Writing verses of poetry, letters, and snippets worked out well. Now I often tell this story to other people. To be noticed, start by doing something special in the beginning. –Stacey, Novelist

Case 2: To get noticed, use your strengths.

I had the most encouraging feedback. My colleagues informed me that my dialogues were really strong. I used this for my next project. I was hoping that I would get noticed because of this strength.

This is what I did: I wrote a whole chapter filled with dialogues. I tried to develop my style around this. After some time, I was already dying to be noticed by any agent. Luckily, my prayers were answered! An agent called me and he said he really liked the way I tell stories. Now he’s trying to sell not just my book but me as the writer!

To get noticed, I realized that I should look nowhere else but myself. –Carmen, Novelist

To help you know your strengths, you can consider these important points.

  1. Be clear about the things that you care about.
  2. Read a reputable book about writing.
  3. Make other people read your work and ask their opinion about it.
  4. Make an objective self-assessment of your works.
  5. Listen to critics that you trust.
  6. Take a look at other writer’s work. Determine what you like about them. It’s probably going to show up on your work.

Case 3: Editor says if you want to get noticed, forget modesty.

You don’t have to be modest in literature. You have to relentlessly show yourself. Introduce yourself to the world.  If you’re good at something, let it be known. Don’t apologize for it. Don’t hold back. Embrace this part of you if you want to get noticed. –James, Editor

Case 4: DON’T be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

As an editor, I don’t want to know everything about you. I read about a hundred manuscripts each day. I want to know what separates you from others. I’m looking for that one thing. If you want to get noticed, don’t lay everything out on the table. There will come a time when I will inquire more about your other strengths. Start getting noticed by not exposing too much in the beginning.  –Darryn, Editor

Case 5: Use your own voice to get noticed.

A few years ago, I was told that my dialogues were deplorable. I stopped myself from writing long dialogues because of this. I lost energy in writing because I listened intently to what other people said. I lost my own voice in the process.

I forego all of the advice, eventually. But I decided to bounce back from my slump. To get noticed, I realized that I should use my own voice. I just have to find out how to make it work. Maybe that’s what makes me special, after all. I wanted to be noticed simply by accepting this.

Writing dialogues were just natural to me. I couldn’t help it. In the end, this was what it took for me to get noticed. The new critics were kinder this time around. My recently published novel had a lot of positive reviews. Susan—Novelist


The bottom line is, everyone has his or her strengths. Not everyone is the same. The key to succeed in the business is to find your forte. You have to know what sets you apart. This is the best thing to do to get noticed.

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