rich jerkRich Jerk first took the world by storm around 2006 or 2007. He generated his fame from his making money online e-book. Over 100,000 people bought it before the book went offline. He became the #1 seller on Clickbank, the premier internet retailer, for 3 years. He has been interviewed in Extra, E! Entertainment, KTLA News, and Howard Stern show. It was the epitome of successful online business.

Is The Rich Jerk really effective in making your business successful as well? How does it actually work? Well, like any other how to books, this book cannot help you if you merely read it in the hopes that it will, on its own, bring success to your life. It can only work if you will work for your business. After all, it is your enterprise and you are the one responsible for its success or failure. If you follow it to the letter, understand the techniques provided therein, you will not have a hard time finding your way towards a successful online business.

What the book Rich Jerk contains

The Rich Jerk is made of four parts. Read on to know what you can expect to learn from the book.

Part 1: Ninja SEO Training

As the title itself provides, the first part is all about SEO or search engine optimization. All it takes is more or less 20 minutes to get everything started. Understanding SEO is very effortless with its easy to understand and implement step by step guide. You will be surprised though that all the strategies shared here in do not take advantage of any loopholes or hacks, and have survived various online system updates. Rich Jerk part 1 also covers 2 live case studies where the author ranked more than 4000 keywords.

Part 2: Facebook Marketing

The second part is all about Facebook marketing techniques from A to Z including discovering and generating revenue from niches, finding the right keywords for those niches, and finding the right range of products for them. All that the reader needs to do is to follow to the letter everything that the Rich Jerk says. Beta testers of the second part even earned up to $28,000 monthly by simply following everything.

Part 3: Launch Jacking gone wild

Launch jacking comes from two words product launch and hijacking. The concept is that you will ‘steal’ the traffic that should go to the product creators’ domain by talking about their new soon-to-be launched product in your website. In the Rich Jerk program, you are taught how to make 7-figures without using an email list. You can also participate in live training webinars to know more about the technique.

Part 4: Bonus Section

This part of Rich Jerk is about all the other things that can help you earn from online marketing. From strategies to sell on Amazon to highly effective email secrets, the last part has tons of e-books, overview videos, and user manuals that teach you how to make huge money online.

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