generating referralsGenerating referrals is the best solution for businesses that are having a hard time drawing in profits or customers. The key is to make a customer satisfied with your service that they will recommend your business to people that they know. There are four easy ways that you can follow to ensure that generating referrals will give you the desired results for your business. Read on below.

  1. First impressions last.

You don’t need to first establish a solid relationship with a client before you can enlist their help in generating some referrals. This can commence during your first meeting with a new client. Introduce yourself and the business, giving pertinent information that the client must know. Put your business in a good light by saying that most of your new clients come to you through generating referrals from previous customers that were highly satisfied with the service that they received. If along the conversation the subject was changed, remind the customer of the idea every now and then.

  1. Learn to ask for what you want.

Let’s be honest. Customers won’t get anything from generating referrals to your business. They won’t take the initiative unless you ask them to. People who don’t know how to go after what they want normally don’t get it. As the old saying goes, “There’s no harm in trying”. Try generating referrals by asking your customers most especially if you were able to meet their expectations for a great service. In instances wherein you had a problem with a transaction with a particular client but you were able to compensate by providing suggestions or guidance, get in touch with them and still try generating referrals. The transaction may have failed because of shortcomings on their part so that they will try to make it up to you by generating some referrals.

  1. Expand your network.

Generating some referrals can be done by expanding your network from the same client. Ask them if they have any contact details of close friends, relatives or workmates. Try to get contact details of at least three people from a customer. Three is an acceptable amount of information that you can ask from a client. Be careful if you are planning to attempt to go beyond this number. You might end up getting complaints for abuse instead of generating referrals. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to people that you haven’t formed any working relationship with beforehand, try to request the customer if they can talk to the people they know for you. Again, be careful not to be abusive in asking for favors.

  1. Go old school with a referral form.

Generating referrals through the use of forms is a great method for those who can’t state their request upfront. A piece of paper where contact details such as the name, phone number and email address is provided. This also ensures that the information you get is accurate in terms of spelling especially when you send out emails.


When you already have your list finalized and ready to start contacting prospective clients, bear in mind to mention who gave you their contact details. Make the conversation short, meaningful and well-documented so that you can use this if you get the chance to meet them in person. Generating referrals will bring about success in your business if done the right way, go ahead and try it now.

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