free event advertisingFree event advertising can eliminate the costs and need for paid advertising of her events. However, employing and getting benefits from free advertising are an art that requires certain knowledge and skills.

What is Free Event Advertising?

The most effective and common form of advertising is a written editorial about a company or event. Print media such as newspapers, magazines, and trade journals include articles about companies and their events in order to fill their issues. This practice is a subtle but powerful form of advertising. Although it is effective, it is quite costly as most print media demand a fee in exchange of publishing such kinds of articles. To be like Jo and benefit from free event advertising, what you can do is make your event interesting.

Print media is a business, thus, it seeks controversial and trendy subjects that they can sell to their consumers. By designing your event to be exciting and fascinating to the public, print media will be compelled to feature your event. Voila! You got yourself free advertising. However, it comes with a drawback. Since it is free, you have little to no control over the publication of the article. It might be published in the next month’s issue or a date determined by the editor. Usually, the space rather than the deadline dictates the timing of publication of free event advertising.

How to Get Free Event Advertising?

Communication skills and persuasion abilities will come in handy in getting free advertising. Just contact the editorial staff of a particular publication and tell them about your event or company. If you are convincing enough in marketing your event, then they will send someone to interview you or your representative. The free event advertising will then be written and published.

For instances where you want to contact a number of publications and draw the attention of radio and television programs, producing a press release is the way to go. A press release that states the event, its objectives, venue, date and time, and other details will guarantee accuracy and consistency.

A press release is a form of free event advertising. There are specific rules that govern the creation of a press release. The third person perspective is used in writing a press release. It must contain an introduction, must be complete but brief, and as much as possible be limited to a single page. The details of the contact person are included at the end of a press release in case readers have inquiries. Producing, posting and emailing your press release are effective means of improving the visibility of your event. You can further improve this through consistent phone calls and follow ups.

After learning these things, Jo utilized the knowledge in producing a well-written press release. After she was satisfied with the document in her hand, she circulated copies to relevant newspapers, magazines, and even to the local radio and television station. She garnered an overwhelming response from the media. Her story was subsequently picked up by the national newspaper and was featured in a documentary show produced by a television company. Consequently, Jo received overflowing bookings and increased demand of her services.

Jo’s experience demonstrates how a business can benefit from free publicity. Like Jo, your business can also take advantage of free event advertising.

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