free contentFree content is making waves in the online world. It’s been around for quite sometime but the ripples do not come from the concept itself. A more debatable issue is making its way around the worldwide web—the use, misuse, and overuse of free content.

No one can attest to its value and importance. There is, however, the problem of how much to give free access to. Not to say how best to distribute content for free, in the first place.

Here are a few pros and cons on issues regarding content for free. (Disclaimer: this is totally unrelated to contract content writing).

  1. Integrity in offering free content

There are those who see free content as a way that diminishes integrity of the writers. Why? Simply because it is widely available on multiple sites.

Critics see authors remedying this problem by restricting their online work, whether articles or otherwise. Publishing in their own website is the way to go. This way, gravity of the work is not weakened.

  1. Free content is free love

“It’s free for all!” This is the mantra often heard from supporters of free content. Of course, the reasons behind the support differ for every author. However, a lot of people still use this strategy.

The most obvious reason and interest, of course, are making their views widely known. It could be a religious or political point of view—but in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that with free content, the worldwide web is rife with opportunities for online marketing.

Whether you are for or against, these articles still tend to be used in a variety of sites.

So which side has the right idea?

As with everything else, I believe that that decision whether or not to support free content depends on you. You must ask yourself what you want to achieve and accomplish with the article you have written. It is possible that your article is something so dear to you, something that has an intimate and intrinsic sentimental value that it would simply be a crime of conscience to have it appear everywhere. On the other hand, it may be the kind of article that will only find its purpose by the number of people who are able to read it.

Of course, there are advantages to making your articles available as free content, at no cost. Realize that the article you are writing may become useful and helpful to those who are trying to find influence. Who knows, they may be having a hard time articulating their thoughts and, having come across your free content article may help them find their voice.

Remember that there may be publishers out there who are willing to purchase your material, but cannot do so because of budget restrictions. Hence, they will usually go for quality, but free to distribute articles instead. Being available and amenable to have your articles available online as free content may be advantageous to you—at least you have something to enhance your portfolio with!

Publishing articles for free is really up to you. Find out what you want your articles to achieve, and then decide whether free content is really for you.

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