free business cardsFree business cards are becoming a thing these days. A lot of businesses who offer printing services also provide free biz cards.

Some people say that these businesses only offer them for free to those who will order a lot from the printing services. Others claim that free business cards are offered to lure even small businesses to order a bunch of customized envelopes and letter heads.

The question is, do they really come at no cost at all? Take a look.

Are free business cards really free?

A lot of advertisements are roaming the internet claiming this and that particular businesses are offering free business cards. How can they afford to give out business cards for free? Do they give you 10 copies, then, you have to order for more? Or, maybe they earn by offering the customer certain upgrades?

Enough with mind-boggling ideas. Here is the truth. A lot of printing services online do offer free business cards. No hidden charges, no strings attached. All you have to do is go to their website, create a business card, and they will not charge a dime unless you opt to have upgrades or you order other products. Free cards are really free.

What to love about free business cards

Aside from coming at no costs, you will surely love free business cards because they are easy to make, and the commonly used interface is very simple.

  • Easy and fast

Most of these websites have prepared templates you can choose from. All that customers, like you, need to do is to input your name, your business’ name, and contact information, and upload a business logo. If you do not yet have a business logo, certain websites allow you to make a logo for free as well. Choose a template, and your free business cards will be on their way.

  • Simple interface

Almost all websites which offer free biz cards use the same simple interface. If you have seen Photoshop and Illustrator, the interface online is not as complicated. Imagine layout apps you have on your phone. They usually bear the same user-friendly interface.

Why you still need business cards

At this day and age, some people do not want to carry business cards. They fail to realize that business cards are still important.

Swapping information digitally may look amazing but it is very impersonal. Remember that having an actual conversation and engaging in eye contact is still the way to go in creating relationships. Your mobile phone will not even be able to shake another person’s hand to say hello. Besides, a business card is your business’ first impression. Use free business cards to easily, effortlessly, and personally exchange information.

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