folksonomiesFolksonomies is a funny word for a powerful phenomenon that can be used for online marketing.  A portmanteau for “folks” and “taxonomy”, it refers to organizing tags on social media websites.  When a tag is made and shared, it allows others to organize their online content under the tag.  The popularity of the tag influences the global reach of the tag.  Therefore, folksonomies creates a global organizational structure. Individuals can use it to share their online content.

Back to the basics: what is tagging?

If you use social media, you have most likely come across tags.  Tags are certain keywords that you can include on your content.  If one were to search the keyword that you have tagged, your content will come up.  For instance, Twitter utilizes hashtags. This is a number sign followed by a keyword.  The keyword usually pertains to a phenomenon or event.  Searching that particular keyword generates all of the tweets from that tag.  Certainly, there are many, so they are usually organized by popularity.

Most, if not all, social media websites have mastered tagging.  It allows users to contribute to the global discussion and is easy to learn.

Why should I be concerned with folksonomies?

Understand that folksonomies can be a powerful tool for online marketing.  If you use search engine optimization, you need to know the keywords that people are interested in.  Folksonomies allows you to easily determine what keywords are popular. So that you can use them to generate traffic on your own website.

How can I utilize folksonomies with my online marketing campaign?

Folksonomies are useful and easy to master.  Use them to research the hot topics of the Internet. Try to find a way to make the hot topics relevant to what you are promoting.  There are lots of websites such as RSS feeds. These use the information from several sites to bring you information on hot topics.  Additionally, you can be the brains behind a hip and popular tag and create your own folksonomy.  Coming up with a cool tag that interests people is a simple way to start a great viral marketing campaign.

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