fiction writingFiction writing can sometimes give us an escape from reality. It involves a lot of imagination that we can freely write just about anything. However, most fiction writers still derive inspiration from daily life occurrences. Self-discoveries are often applied to fiction writing. You cannot fully detach it from reality.

So how do you connect this type of writing with your deepest desires and emotions? How do you make your daily struggles and triumphs a part of your elaborate story? We have compiled seven tips how.

Connecting Fiction Writing with Your Life

  1. Write about love. We experience love every day. Love for self, family, country, etc. Fiction writing does not limit with what kind of love you can write about. What really is love? Explore the different facets of love in creating your story. Writing about love doesn’t limit you to the romantic kind. Make your characters go through the different types in your story. You might have experienced love that is out of the ordinary. Use that as an inspiration in fiction writing. Do not just write about one kind just to make it relatable. People experience pain and joy in love through its different kinds.
  2. Write about your fears. What are you afraid of? Your fears can sometimes turn into horrific or comedic if you turn it inside-out. Fiction writing can make your fears work to your advantage. You can create a character with the same needs or fears. There are a lot of readers who can relate to what you or your character is going through. There are a hundred movies each year plagued with fear of dying, old age, abandonment and they usually hit the box office. Why not put it into fiction writing?
  3. Write about your beliefs. Are you a recent convert? Are you firm and conservative with your spiritual beliefs? If you do not believe in anything, create characters with different philosophical or spiritual beliefs. Fiction writing can be your tool to explain your faith. It can also be you vessel to influence others. Or it can also be your gift to someone who is in need of some light. Your daily struggles and triumphs when it comes to spirituality can be a good inspiration in fiction writing.
  4. Write about your views in life. Write about power struggles. Make your protagonist a war survivor. Or make your antagonist someone from an elitist society. Your setting and characters can just be anyone and anywhere in fiction writing. Your intellectual strengths and weaknesses can add a certain flair to your story. It doesn’t mean that it’s all about the good, the gory, or something out of this world. You can incorporate your views about the world in fiction writing. Make one of your characters the same as you. Equip his or her character with your realities. You can even make your story as a call for action. The possibilities are endless.
  5. Sexuality sells and you can write about it. What turns you on or off can be incorporated to your story. Even if you have the weirdest quirk when it comes to your sexuality, fiction writing will allow you to explore that. Sexuality can be one of the most important aspect the characters in your story. Remember Fifty Shades of Grey? Being appropriate or inappropriate  is a fine line. Use sexuality as an opportunity to explore the taboo and to express your own opinions. Fiction writing gives you the liberty to explore topics that are unconventional I reality.

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