working aloneWorking alone is a common trend nowadays with the boom of home-based and online businesses. Working on your own would be quite drastic especially for someone who has worked in a corporation or big company for some time. You have a lot of officemates, you may even share a worktable, the office pantry, and get involved with some office politics. The pressure of working in a big environment and working with many people may even actually be the main reason why you have decided that working alone is the better option. But after a while, it might eventually bring you to miss that big environment you used to work on.

What working alone looks like?

Why do some people feel lonely when they’re working by themselves? It’s like this. In the morning, you bid your spouse and kids goodbye as they go to the office or the school. You are the only one left at home, working alone. The whole neighborhood actually almost does the same, leaving for their offices or errands.

While working on your own, that lonely feeling creeping in cannot be avoided. And whenever you are facing some difficulties while working alone, you do not have colleagues to run to for help, or at least rant about. You might not feel the difference at first. However, as you get used to working by yourself, you will feel eventually that the absence of people around you could lead to some issues. You might notice that you get irritated more easily, that you are more sluggish, and perhaps even depressed for no apparent reason.

You should stand your ground and affirm your choice is correct by battling the force of loneliness. Here are some tips that might help you not to feel sad.

5 Tips to fight loneliness in working alone

1)     Use the internet to your advantage.

Most probably you are working alone at home due to an online business. While you’re already at it, use the online world to look for forums, articles, research work about the industry you’re in, or about home-based businesses.

Use the internet also to find like minds, and possibly new friends through forums. Since these people might be in the same situation as you, working alone, you may be able to rant to them when you are experiencing issues at work. You can even run to them to ask for advice, as they may have more experience.

A word of caution though as with the World Wide Web, be careful not to give too much information about you and your business. At the same time, be careful that you spend too much time chatting to these people or reading forums that you already forget about your real work. To avoid this, just assign yourself an amount per day to do the online socials.

2)     Befriend you clients.

You might be working alone but you still have clients. And you can actually turn these clients of yours into your friends. It would help building your business if your clients know you well and vice versa. It builds trust and loyalty. At the same time, you earn their trust as a friend, beyond business. And you wouldn’t feel lonely.

3)     Expand your network. Join a group.

You might be surprised that there are groups, associations and affiliations out there of people working alone. Just do your best in researching online. Choose one that best fits the industry you are in. Choose those that hold regular meetings as well, so from time to time you would need to go out of your way to meet these people face to face. Do not join and commit to a lot of groups, three max would already do. These new people could be potential business partners, potential clients, or even friends.

4)     Work outside.

There might be times when you’re already sick of seeing the four corners of the room at your home. From time to time, work outside, perhaps at a coffee shop. Ever wonder why a lot of people love working in Starbucks? Well at least they don’t feel like they’re working alone even though they are. When you become a regular customer, you might even make some friends along the way.

5)     Utilize your breaks well.

Even though you are working at your own pace, you should also schedule your breaks and leaves just like a regular employee. Use these breaks well to connect with loved ones, friends, and former colleagues. It won’t just bring back the humanity to you, it will be fun to do as well.

Working alone should not automatically equate to loneliness. If you follow these tips, you can make working on your own still fun and beneficial.

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