ezine submissionEzine submission is probably one of the most lucrative businesses online nowadays. But what exactly does it mean? First, let us define what kind of articles are up for submission.

Definition of article for ezine submission

Ezine, coming from a shortcut of the term electronic magazine, is an article that consist of around 500 words about a specific topic that is directed towards a specific target audience. Usually at the end of the article for ezine submission, a resource box can be found. A resource box consist of the name of the author, the company he represents, his website URL, email address, and a few words to describe the product or service being presented in the article for ezine submission.

Writing articles for submission is actually quite easy. It all boils down to excellent research and taking notes on the specific topic. In submission, usually a lot of resources is looked up into even for a single topic. After researching and taking notes, write the article for ezine submission in your own words. I’m sure this would be a piece of cake since you have been writing for homework ever since your elementary school. Remember also that articles for submission must be written in a casual tone. Think that you’re just talking to an old friend about a certain topic.

Why then should you go all through this submission? What would submission give to you? It’s simple. Submission equals more profit. Here are some more reasons why you should start writing articles for submission.

11 Reasons why you should go for an ezine submission

  • Article writing and ezine submission will help in the branding of your web site. It will put your website on the map.
  • Writing and submission of articles is equal to free publicity. And who doesn’t want more publicity.
  • If your articles are great and someone notices them, then you might even get hired to write more in the form of eBooks.
  • More articles means more traffic to your website.
  • If the articles you have submitted end up on an archive, then that means it can be read until months later on. And that means more traffic to your site for an extended length.
  • You might be considered an expert or go-to person in terms of the specific topics you write about.
  • Your articles might even be included in eBooks, which are all over the net. Then this will lead to more traffic to your site.
  • You also become a reliable information supplier.
  • The more people you allow to publish or forward your articles to, the more exposure, hence the more publicity.
  • Website owners who have read and liked your article may also post them on their sites. And that means more exposure for you.
  • You also have the option to swap ezine articles with other ezine publishers for more exposure and publicity.

These are just a few of the more common reasons and benefits you will get from article ezine submission. The best part is that you will earn from it, so what are you waiting for, go for submitting ezines now.

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