acting tipsActing tips: every aspiring actor could use them at least once in his career, especially when you are just starting out. Looking for tips for a coming audition? You have come to the right place. However, bear in mind that this article should only serve as a starting point. While it’s not as exhaustive as you might like, it’s definitely a good place to start.

Acting tips for each stage of an audition

The acting tips I will give you will be broken down into three parts: the preparation, performance, and result. Read on to gain some helpful suggestions. Keeping these tips in mind will help produce the best results possible. They will make your experience less stressful.

Acting tips part one: the preparation

Needless to say, preparation is essential. Whether you’re taking a test, going to a job interview, or auditioning for a role, being prepared is of utmost importance. To make sure that you’re ready for your audition, take a look at the acting tips below.

  • Do as much research as you can prior to the audition. Read up about the character you’re going to play, the theatre or production company, or the literary piece you will enact, whichever is applicable. This will show that you are truly serious about bagging that role. Obviously, dedication and thoroughness is impressive.
  • Master your monologues. It’s not enough to have it memorized. You should spend adequate time saying it out loud and practicing your delivery. Better yet, practice in front of different groups of people and ask for opinions afterwards. This is a great opportunity to improve as you will be evaluating your performance from a variety of perspectives.
  • Be knowledgeable about the details of the audition. List down the schedule and address and always double check your information. Make sure to obtain an accurate estimation of the travel time needed to get there. Coming in early will help ease your nerves and will give you some time to warm up.
  • Bring a book or an iPod just in case you have to wait long hours. It’s nice to have something to occupy your time while waiting for your turn.
  • One of the most important acting tips I can give you here is to be nice. Remember, it’s a small world out there. The people you’ll encounter on your auditions today are probably the same people you’ll encounter in the future. Don’t be intimidated by your rivals. They’re probably just as nervous as you.

Acting tips part two: the performance

Of course, this list of acting tips would be no good if there aren’t any suggestions about the audition proper itself. Ensure that you’re making the right impression by following the tips below.

  • Be confident and friendly. When you give off a positive vibe, you’ll be viewed in a positive light, as well. Besides, the people before you are on your side! They want you to do well, after all.
  • While asking questions is recommended, avoid asking too much. It may seem like you’re trying too hard to impress them by asking a ton of questions. Because these people are busy, they may end up getting annoyed if you’re taking too long.
  • Keep your initial monologue short. Two minutes should be enough. Also, have others prepared just in case you have to show some versatility.
  • Another one of the acting tips which aren’t emphasized enough is the importance of having good listening skills. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to reread after direction. Listen carefully to the instructions and show that you’re easy to work with.

Acting tips part three: the result

An article about acting tips wouldn’t be complete without saying a word or two about getting rejected.

If you didn’t get the part, avoid spending too much time on negativity and refocus your energy to improving your craft. These tips can only go so far. You have to have the initiative and determination in you. Besides, usually it’s not even about your talent or ability. It just so happened that the casting panel thought someone else was more fit for that specific role at that particular time.

If you do get called back to do another round of auditions, then good job! Keep the acting tips here in mind and do your best for the second auditions.

That’s it! I hope this collection of tips helped you. Whatever the outcome is, always strive to improve your talent. Being passionate about this art is just as important as following every collection of acting tips there is.

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