essay writing mistakesEssay writing mistakes are common at one point or another. Regardless of how long we’ve been doing it, we tend to forget simple and basic things. There are misprints, misspellings and numerous stylistic, syntax and format errors. These essay writing mistakes are indeed your enemies. So stay alert! They might become the barriers on your way to an excellent grade.

It is a simple truth that once we find errors, we freak out and lose our momentum. Primarily, it makes us lose the main thread, giving rise to uncertainty in our strengths and potential. Unchecked, it may dissipate motivation and give rise to other distractions. Essay writing mistakes eventually make it more challenging to finish the task.

These minutiae may seem minor to inexperienced writers. However they may obscure the overall picture of your essay. It can even result to poor grades. Hence, essay writing mistakes must be eradicated by all means possible.

Here are a few helpful hints to avoid these mistakes.

  1. Poor Thesis Statements.

Always keep in mind that everything you write should center on a clear thesis statement. Avoid ambiguous and vague phrases. A good thesis statement drives straight to the point and states it clearly.

Be specific and analytic. Avoid essay writing mistakes by evaluating the significant insights of your essay. A strong thesis statement introduces the original approach to the traditional view of the problem.

  1. Weak Introductions and Open- Ended Conclusions.

An introduction has one primary function: to introduce your thesis statement. Do this clearly and precisely, but make sure to capture the attention of your reader. An easy tip to follow? Start with a broad statement of your main idea. From there, close it with the actual thesis of your essay.

Essay writing mistakes of this kind leaves the ending unfinished. Close and finish your arguments and points well. Remember that your paper must make its point clear right from the beginning until its logical end.

Conclusions should be coherent and smooth. Stress the significance of your work in this part. Never forget to point out the ways in which your invaluable contributions can be applied.

  1. Say No to Undeveloped Essays.

Essay writing mistakes can stem from not having a clear understanding of the essence of the chosen topic. When selecting your essay topic, be careful. You must be sure to completely familiarize yourself with it. Ensure that you feel passionately enough about it. And of course, RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH!

Providing your essay with a solid argumentative ground will steer you away from an undeveloped impression of your work. Clearly explain your view on the researched topic. Elucidating the past attempts of finding a solution to this problem will show you have a clear idea of your topic. Show your professor you’ve got the core of your topic by avoiding these essay writing mistakes.

  1. Essay Writing Mistakes of a Noob (pun intended).

Bear in mind that slang language and curse words are absolutely inappropriate in your essay. Remember that your targeted audience is educated professors. College writing commonly implies utilization of a formal style. These formats have a definite framework that will definitely not work well with slang languages.

  1. Make Your Readers Utilize All Their Senses.

Simple recollection of events can become boring. This results to an absolute failure on the part of the writer and makes the essay unrecognizable to the reader. “A good essay is one with imaginary appealing to the five senses.” Harness this strategy in your essay writing.


Hopefully, these useful hints will help you conquer your fear of essay writing mistakes. Strengthen your skills and this will ultimately help you get that excellent grade you’ve been writing for.

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