energy savings tipsEnergy savings tips that are easy to do are what we should follow to not only save energy but help in maintaining a beautiful world for us to live in as well. The following are four that are surely easy to follow. These four energy savings tips will surely help you not only to save energy and money. With these tips, you are also helping the world become a better place for us and for the generations to come.

Uncommon Energy Savings Tips to Follow

Follow these 4 tips and help the world become a better place.

  1. Change time zones.

No, we are not telling you to pack your bags and migrate. Changing time zones pertains to travelling on dates when other people are less likely to be on the road. The first of our energy savings tips will help you save gas by avoiding the traffic. Keep this in mind along with the other tips when you are faced with a long weekend, or even the simple ride on your way home from work. If you can, avoid the rush hour traffic by leaving your work an hour early. You can do this if your company permits flex time hours.

You can also consider doing your shopping early or late in the day. When you do this, you will see that aside from dodging the heavy traffic, you will also find that there are shorter lines in the stores. You did not only save on gas, but you saved on precious time as well!

  1. Drive your car as if you were riding a bicycle.

This is one the most uncommon energy savings tips that you will read, but very helpful nonetheless. Start your car gradually. Do not accelerate when going uphill and avoid driving into a stop.

  1. Shut your car off.

This could be one of the common energy savingstTips that you will read. Treat this as a reminder if you are already aware of this. Shut down your engine when not in use. Some people keep the engine of their cars running even when the car is parked. This is not advisable because of certain reasons.

  • Primarily, it is a waste of gas.
  • It leaves your car prone to theft.
  • If children are left alone inside, they could cause an accident by putting the car in gear.

Did you know that most cars use around a gallon of gas every 60 minutes when it is in idle? If one gallon of gas costs $4, then every 15 minutes of idle time can cost you $1. Try turning off your engine if your idle time is going to last for more than half a minute – for example, at a railroad crossing. These energy savings tips will surely save you some bucks so you can buy more important stuff.

  1. Stop leaks.

These energy savings tips should not only be used at home, but in your offices as well. Read and spread these energy savings tips and you’re your colleagues and office save money and energy.

Small transformers are used by most offices to give power to computers, network hubs, scanners, and other office accessories. Albeit these transformers use only a small amount of electricity, six or eight of them will be like turning on a standard light bulb. Over time, it will accumulate to a significant amount of electricity.

This is why it is important to put all of the transformers on a circuit strip because at the end of the day, they turn off the strip. Also, when not in use, unplug the transformer.

It is also necessary to check you homes. There shouldn’t be any electrical leaks. Make it a habit to unplug appliances when not in use.

Make these simple energy savings tips a habit. Follow these energy savings tips and save on time and money.

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