email opt in pagesEmail opt in pages are important because they help you find the people who will value your information. Therefore, optimizing email opt-in pages is a key to success in online marketing.

Attract More Visitors with Optimizing Email Opt In Pages

By optimizing email opt in pages, you are attracting the visitors of your website to keep updated with you and share your information with their networks.  Here are a few tips on optimizing email opt in pages.

Keeping it simple yet obvious

You have gone through all of the effort of getting the visitor to your website.  Turn them into a repeat guest and customer by making it easy for them to sign up as a subscriber.  Add links to your sign-up page on every page of your website.  You can even include an opt in form field on every page.  Attract your visitor to signing up with simple graphics that get them to notice the link to subscribe.

Give them a sample

If you are confident about your email newsletter, try optimizing email opt in pages with samples and testimonials.  Choose your best piece and feature it on your website.  Perhaps you can have a page which holds an archive of excerpts from articles.  The full articles can be available to subscribers.  If you’ve received great feedback from current subscribers, use that too.

Be selective about the information you ask for

When optimizing email opt in pages, you will need more than an email address from a subscriber especially if you want to cater to their interests.  However, it might be tedious for a potential subscriber if they have to fill in so many fields in order to sign up.  Therefore, only ask for the essential information.  You can mark the non-essential but desired fields as optional.

Be open with information

Get your subscribers to trust you by including your detailed privacy policy before they confirm as a subscriber.  This allows you to level the expectations with your subscribers in exchange for their information.

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