Email marketing is one of the most effective internet marketing techniques today. It can effectively drive customers back to your email marketingsite with minimal cost. Email marketing is a way to communicate with prospects by sending email messages, invites, promotions, or special offers. But take note that your content should be in a certain way and not just a plain, simple email.

6 Email Marketing Essentials

“Can Spam” Act

Respect the “Can Spam” Act. Anyone, including you won’t appreciate it if you spam their account. You should make it a point that the emails you send always contain useful information. Don’t send out useless stuff that will make them revert their subscription. You shouldn’t spam just to make your email marketing strategy effective.

Subject Line

Be more creative with your subject line. You don’t want a potential customer ignoring your email just because of the subject line you used. Refrain from using the word “free”, use some text symbols, or make it exciting by asking questions.

Be Honest

Don’t include any false claims. The best thing to do is tell the truth all the time, from your subject line down to the body of your message. Your customers will take your word for it, so don’t promise something you cannot keep.


Remember to give your customers discounts from now and then. Make sure the discounts are a substantial amount but will not leave you broke. Spread out dates for promotions to be able to give a substantial amount.

Valuable Information

Don’t settle for invaluable information for your subscribers to read. It is important to be professional and giving out useful information. Email marketing messages are recommended to be short and simple. Be direct when you can.

Event Inclusions

There are certain businesses that offer some form of training like conferences or seminars. If you get to your emails that include events subscribers have to RSVP it is important to be repetitive. Don’t send out these emails in succession, spread them out when sending.

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