elevator pitchElevator pitch – the document that should be done way before everything else. Although a lot of different entrepreneurs and businessmen prefer to offer their business plans, it may be even more important. A lot of people argue that the elevator pitch should be the first step in marketing, as opposed to a well-made and detailed technical business plan. Rather than focusing your attention first and foremost on the creation of the business plan, it should be given priority.

Your main elevator pitch goals

The elevator pitch should be short and concise while still completing a few major goals. These goals, when achieved well, can make a surprisingly effective and useful pitch. First is to mention all the pertinent details of your business idea. Say only the main, most important things. Write down how profit will be made, and tell your audience how much it possibly is. Make the person excited to be part of your business venture, and show them why they should trust you to accomplish such a business idea. The elevator pitch should be able to briefly say what problem your business is addressing so that when you end it, you would be influencing your reader or listener to want more of your business.

The truth of the matter

The reason why an elevator pitch is so important is because few people would even bother with a business if they aren’t interested. If you create a well-made pitch, you will have the ability to interest any person into wanting to know more about your business. It’s basically the trailer of a movie – if it’s bad, no one would bother seeing it. If it’s good, then people would start getting hyped up about it. If it’s great, they might even tell other people about this possible great movie coming up. If your elevator pitch is good or great, your business will be garnering attention.

Condensing the business plan

The pitch should be a shorter version of your whole business idea. It should be short enough to be memorized and recited within the span of an elevator ride. It should offer only the most exciting and necessary details of your business plan, leaving out the additional things that we usually use to amaze our clients. All of the statistics and numbers should be left to the actual business plan. All that should be left for your elevator pitch is the main concept. All of the fine details can be kept for later.

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