rss feedsRSS feeds or Really Simple Syndication is a fast way to communicate. Soon, it will replace email marketing and newsletters all together.

RSS has made providing information simple and accessible. Take the marketing avenue for example. The more people who see your product the more likely you will get a sale. With RSS you can place headlines on websites to reach wider audience. HTML is a common website creator application and XML is similar to that and since RSS will use XML based applications, it is good to know. Now you are probably wondering how you can create RSS feeds.  You are just five steps away from creating your own RSS feed. This includes creating, saving, validating, creating a directory and updating on a regular basis.

How to Create RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can easy be created by a format and by using the XML version. You feed should have the following: a title or headline, shot description in the body and an easy access link. There are lots of editing channels for you to utilize. Some require the article to be placed in a notepad and when inserted in the editor it will be formatted ready for you to upload. At least ten articles are recommended for your feed.

Once you have this your next step is to save and upload the article. Your content should be saved as either, XML, RSS or RDP. When you upload your file use the FTP program then place it on your server. This will make your file ready for RSS news aggregators.

After saving and uploading, you must next validate your program. Make sure there are no errors. The errors might be obvious but there are programs to help you with this process. The program will test for misspelled codes and tags. It is critical to check your work. The last thing you want is to have your views click on a link and not be able to view the content.

Once the file is validated, you must create a directory. By this you will be able to broadcast your RSS feeds to all the RSS enabled websites. It is vital to look for a directory where you can place your feeds. Some charge a minimal fee.  But there are free ones as well. Remember to add an icon on your own website for your direct visitors.

Now that you have placed your RSS feed in a directory, you should update it on a regular basis. RSS feeds change automatically when the main file has been modified. Keep in mind to maintain a good rhythm of changing your RSS feeds. This will keep your RSS feed fresh and exciting. This will contribute to more viewers visiting your site.

Whether you are computer savvy or not, creating RSS feeds for marketing is easy. Maximize your utilities and resources. They were made to make things easier for users to made RSS feeds. Follow these tips and steps. I’m sure making RSS feeds will be a synch for you.

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