effective advertisingEffective advertising makes use of the internet for the exchange of information between all parts of the globe. From educational use, to professional use, to institutional use, and personal use, the internet is becoming more and more of a necessity in this modern age of rapid science and technology development.

And in line with the broadening of the marketplace, is the development of effective advertising strategies using the internet as its backbone. The internet has given rise to easier and more successful advertising given the wide reach and accessibility it offers internet users worldwide.

Did you know?

The concept of an integrated network for rapid information dissemination – eventually giving birth to the modern internet of our age – was originally developed for military use, so that all devices registered within the military will be able to easily access information sent down by chain of command.

It was developed further in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in cooperation with the University of California, Los Angeles when a computer from Massachusetts was linked to a computer in California through telephone dial-up. The result showed a great potential for an even broader reach through this innovation for information dissemination.

The internet and its role in effective advertising

Given that the internet is the easiest and cheapest avenue through which you can get messages overseas, it has spearheaded innovation even in the marketplace by providing a cost efficient means for effective advertising.

And while the internet can easily be used to the advantage of your business, it is important to note that simply making use of the internet as a messenger for your advertisements does not necessarily equate to effective advertising for your company. Here are examples of why and how you may work to defeat these probable barriers to genuinely effective ads:

  • Connection interruptions. Upon closer analysis, you will discover that the entirety of the world does not enjoy the same internet speed as in more developed countries. While more industrialized countries enjoy internet speeds of around 200mbps or higher, some countries are satisfied with an internet speed of 2mbps. This can hinder effective advertising especially if your advertisement is of a large file size which makes it load slower with slow internet speed. This is something to take into account when strategizing effective ads.

Work against it by: Making sure that your advertisement isn’t too large so that it is easily downloaded through any internet speed. Make it a point also, to make sure that your website does not contain any unnecessary graphics which will lower accessibility – this will negate the chances of prospective clients losing interest in your site, and will prove to be effective advertising for your products or services.

  • Online scams. With the development of highly beneficial technology, a myriad of misuse is also born along with it. Today, many sites are posted on the internet to victimize people of identity theft, money scams, and computer viruses. What is worse is that it lessens the credibility of the internet to provide effective advertising since these are usually disguised as pop up ads and attention catching marquees which can be easily misconceived as an effective ad strategy.

Work against it by: Making sure that the layout of your site appears professional and legitimate. It would also be best to not invest in pop up ads that fill the screen of a user. These are usually dismissed by most computer users for threat of accidentally downloading a virus. Effective advertising would be to keep your site clean, easily navigable, and professional.

Internet advertising is offered at low cost and reaches a hundreds of millions of people across the globe. However, effective advertisement on the internet actually requires a bit more meticulousness. That is if you want to really impress prospective clients. Only if you want to ultimately increase sales for your company. It may take a bit more work and creativity. But if done right, you will reap the harvests of effective advertising on the internet.

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