creative professionalCreative professional often believes that he could earn more by charging per hour. The challenge is to get paid according to your corresponding worth. More hours may seem that you are getting more but you deserve to receive the amount for your creative juices rather than your hours of work. Remember, your client will pay as much or as little as they think your work output deserves.

As a creative professional, you have to start your business with value pricing rather having an hourly rate. If you deliver services with high quality and standards it shouldn’t be difficult to get a valued price accordingly. Start reversing this trend of creative professional businesses and ask yourself questions to know your worth.

Compute your Worth as a Creative Professional

Here are questions to ask yourself and find your worth.

  • How much does my work make an impact to my client?
  • Do I give enough help to them as a creative professional to solve my client’s problem? What are the things I provide for them and does it result in fixing their problems?
  • What are the things that are valued by a customer and why is it important to them?
  • Has the customer worked with a creative professional like myself and how was their experience with them? Was it a good or a bad experience for them?
  • What is the reason why a customer comes to you with a certain problem or issue?
  • What are the expectations of the client with the success of this project? Let him site specific ways in letting him know he made the right decision with hiring you.

By answering these questions, you can easily determine how much value you give yourself as a creative professional. Asking your clients will also get you the needed information for you to produce valued work. As a creative pro, you have to establish your worth. They will then pay you as you value your work-to-be. If you cannot set the tone of giving high quality and valuable work, your client will not hire and pay you. That’s even if you lower the cost per output. Let your client know they can get valued work if they hire you as their creative professional. Once they know you can deliver with what they want and need, it will be easy for you to put a price tag on your work.

Don’t get stuck by being paid by the hour as a creative pro. Get the answers you want and need so you can set valued pricing for your work and earn more for each output rather than waste your time getting paid with an hourly rate.

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