dynamic storyDynamic story is what you need in order to be effective in selling your story to other readers or viewers. You should be creative in every detail and every corner of you story to make it interesting and appealing. Many people especially those who are booklovers enjoy reading a dynamic story.  It is because you can travel through places. You can experience different cultures in different time and space while reading a story.

8 Tips on How to Make a Dynamic story

  1. In making a story, first you should determine the main objective for your own story. Decide what will be the major idea that you want to narrate. It should be clear and specific as possible.
  1. The backdrop or the setting of the story is very important to a dynamic story. To make it real for the readers, you should be particular in describing the time, weather, and the location. Even the emotional or even the physical state of the character should be characterized, so that you bring the reader into the world you create.
  1. In a dynamic story, it is very crucial when it comes to characters. Your audience will enjoy your story if you can make them feel what your character is feeling. Make things relatable. You can make it possible by describing every bits of the personality, relationships, and even the uniqueness of your character. Whether mannerisms or the tone of your character’s voice, you should make your readers feel them.
  1. To make your dynamic story more interesting, you should narrate how the journey will start. What is your character’s task or goals to accomplish? What is the purpose of the character’s existence in the story? With it you can capture the curiosity of your reader and make them delve more into your story.
  2. Boredom is one of the problems to take into consideration when writing a dynamic story. To avoid it, you should add some conflict or challenges in the story to make it more interesting. Making exaggerated obstacles for the character will help you insert a humorous act.
  1. Once the conflict or the challenge is done,your dynamic story will continue. But you will have to specifically disclose the fact how the character overcome those trials. How was he able to succeed? How long does it take from the character to realize his strength?
  1. Even a well-written dynamic story comes to an end. After all the hardships and persecutions, what now is the stand of the main character? What will happen to the mysteries in the story? Clear it up with a revelation. Unmask all the necessary answers and make a spectacular ending for you dynamic story.
  1. Before you end your story, make sure to leave a puzzle for the readers. Even to the last parts, let them partake in the quest of answering questions like, “What if this happens to you?” or “Have you ever experienced those things?” Let them do some thinking after they read your story.

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