drug testingDrug testing is now a mandatory requirement in most, if not all, job applications. There was a time when it was not even a known word combination but because of the prevalence of drug abuse in every level of our society, you can’t get a job nowadays if you don’t pass the test. It’s a reality that that drugs have infected teens and adults likewise, whether rich or poor.

Drug Testing: Is It a Workforce Dilemma?

So, if you’ve been a user and you are applying for a job, then you may have a problem with drug testing. Or if you are already employed, you may be aware that there are also companies that conduct random and unannounced drug test with the intention of identifying employees who are into drugs and hopefully stopping cases of drug abuse.

The point of drug testing is for employers to prohibit the employment of individuals who are tested positive for use of drugs. The reason is that for employers, the cost of employees with problems of substance abuse is shocking. The cost is twice as much when it comes to medical bills and workmen’s compensation claims. In fact, according to statistics, crimes involving drugs are the second largest expense to their employers. Among the expenses involve are lost productivity for victims and lost employees due to incarceration for imes.

The advent of drug test in the workplace is shown to have a positive result. Based on statistics, rates of use have continued to decline since 1992 and remain stable today at around 7%. Furthermore, the implementation of drug testing programs in work environments have become easier and with minimum costs. Oftentimes, business owners don’t even have to conduct their own drug test since they can now have access to many companies that have testing administrators. These drug testing companies provide your business or company with everything that you need to facilitate drug tests of your employees. What you do is simply to notify the administering company and they will handle the rest of the job like onsite interviewing and testing and providing you with the results thereafter.

What can drug testing companies offer?

Testing for drugs is readily available for the most common illegal drugs. If you want to test for other drugs, they can be incorporated at your request.  Drug testing is done using test kits where the subject of the test is required to supply his or her urine in a tube, vial, or small cup provided by the administrator. Other less common methods involve a person’s saliva, hair, or blood. However, it is considered that urine provides the most reliable results with the least expense.


With all these said, drug testing is not really a workforce dilemma on the part of the employer. It is actually a problem of those who are into drugs.

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