Sales letter should sell your product or service. Ideally it should explain precisely how your customers and clients will be benefitted by what you offer. Also, it should highlight the edge of your product or service over similar offers in the market.

Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts in writing a sales letter:sales letter

  1. Do remember to K-I-S-S (Keep it Short and Simple). If your product or service is good enough, you do not have to give a lengthy discussion about it. There is no need to put a series of adjectives. You can make your point with just a short but powerful sentence. A lengthy and superfluous sales letter is guaranteed to be rejected. It is a major turn off to possible customers and clients. Remember that a poorly written sales letter will get you nowhere. Even if your product or service is actually great, it would not matter.
  2. Don’t take for granted your first sentence. First impressions last. That’s what happens to the first sentence of a sales letter. Make sure that the first sentence you write has an impact. It should get the attention of the reader. More importantly, it needs to sustain their attention. It should make people continue reading the rest of your letter. Do you want to know the secret to an effective first sentence? Your first sentence should tell your readers what they can gain from reading your letter.
  3. Do put yourself in the shoes of the reader. If you were to read a sales letter, what would make you read it? You would read it if it makes sense. You would read it if you know you can gain something from it. You would read it if it would benefit you. Keep these things in mind when you write your sales letter.
  4. Don’t be hasty. As the cliché goes, haste makes waste. Please be careful with your grammar. And remember to keep your sales letter free from any typographical errors. How can the readers trust your product or service when you can’t get your sales letter right? Re-read and review the sales letter you have drafted at least twice.

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