business process managementBusiness process management means creating and sustaining a work environment where people are working harmoniously in order to attain the same goals. This is just the basic definition. This should be expanded for managers because they carry out different managerial functions like organizing, planning, leading, staffing, and controlling. Managers will always encounter problematic situations. It may be a lapse in the delivery of service or a human resource error by an underperforming employee. Whatever the case may be, the aim of everyone at the managerial position level is to create a work environment that will enable efficient and effective performance in the organization.

Business Process Management Techniques

The analysis of the business process management should be enabled by a clear organization of knowledge. It should be broken down to five basic functions. These managerial functions involve planning, leading, organizing, staffing, and controlling. The study of business process management should evolve around these key functions.

Making sure that employees perform at their maximum potential is the responsibility of the manager. They are charged with the responsibility to motivate their employees to make their contributions through the best of their skills in order to attain the company’s goals. Whether you are a small or a large company, managers should monitor the performance of those under their wing.

Carrying out managerial functions should be done by all managers in the conduct of business process management. Their roles will just differ in the time spent for each function. It is expected that high-level managers are the ones in charge of planning and organizing for longer periods. They are the ones expected to spend more time in doing these two functions than lower level managers. The function of leading, however, are given to the hands of first-line supervisors in business process management. In the case of controlling, the time spent slightly varies for managers in different levels.

It works the same in every profession. It doesn’t mean that managerial functions differ if you work for a hospital or for a construction company. The basic managerial functions in business process management applies to everyone. The only difference is you apply these functions in a different setting. It is responding to the realities of the situation. However, using organized knowledge or proven practice will always apply to all organizations. Using the right tools and knowledge is the right way to conduct business process management.

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