career changeCareer change seems to be the easy answer to someone who has been going a lot of stress in their work and their environment. Going for a change in career path seems to be the advice always. But when it comes to yourself, would you go for a career change?

It is actually not that easy. It requires a lot of thinking, considerations, and mental toughness.

Factors affected by career change

A change in career would not just affect your job or your employment, it involves a lot of things. It will definitely affect your day to day routine, and that means your family as well. It might even require relocation or seeing them less often. A career change might also mean that your income flow might have to be stopped for a while. Your work habits will have to change, and your environment will have to change also with a supposedly simple change. There are a lot of other factors you have to think about when dealing with it.

Factors to consider before a career change

1)     As mentioned, a career change will lead to a disruption of your normal daily routine. That means, if you have already been comfortable with your day-to-day happenings, be ready to be discomforted. For instance, you may be a civil engineer looking to shift to an office managerial position. That means you have to learn the skills in business and in managing people. You may even have to go back to school for this. Some people may make it look easy but it is not that simple at all.

2)     Career change requires a lot of adjustments. Adjustment in letting go of your old life and adjusting to the new one – new people, new environment, new tasks. It also involves a lot of learning and un-learning. That is why mental toughness is needed. You will need to be extra strong for this.

3)     Before the career change, you must examine yourself first. Do you think you are in the wrong career right now? Why do you think so? Why did you end up in this career? What will happen if you shift? What is wrong with staying in this career? Have you tried switching jobs but within the same industry? Maybe you just need to spend some time thinking about it and a complete career change might not be the answer you’re looking for.

4)     Consider your life goals and your life long dreams. Check if your current career does not lead to these, and if it would lead you to your goals and dreams easier.

A career change is something quite drastic, which is why you have to do a lot of thinking over before you should go for it.

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