negotiation skillsNegotiation skills are necessary in the workplace. Your interaction with your co-workers requires you to negotiate everyday. Sometimes both parties end up happy but sometimes one of the two ends up walking away with disappointment. Negotiation skills involve bargaining and dealing with the opposite party to arrive at a settlement that satisfies you both. Negotiation is an integral part of our lives, not only in the workplace but at home with our family and the different social groups that we belong to. We negotiate with our spouses on where we want to spend our holiday vacation. We negotiate with our friends on where we want to meet after work. We negotiate with our children on what time they need to be home. Negotiation is a lot of work. But when you have the negotiation skills, the process becomes satisfying.

Having this skill will ensure that you thrive in the workplace, reach consensus with your co-workers and build healthy relationships with everybody.

Knowing how to deal with different kinds of people is integral in the negotiation process. Not everyone is easy to talk to. Not everyone will be willing to meet halfway. That is why it is necessary to have negotiation skills to be able to adjust properly to each unique situation.

Do you have the skills necessary for work? Are you willing to have these skills to improve your relationship with your co-workers?

Test your negotiation skills to find out if you are equipped for work

The following are the test factors of a negotiation:

  1. Understanding the Needs of the Opposite Party.

This negotiation skill is simple but very important and difficult to practice because most of the time, the needs of the opposite party are different from ours. After knowing the needs you must be open and understanding even if those needs are in conflict with your own. Once you master this negotiation skill then it would be easier to proceed further.

  1. Specifying Your Needs.

This negotiation skill requires you to know and articulate your own needs. Try to be as honest and open as you can. Politely tell your needs to the opposite party. This negotiation skill enables you to move towards working on a solution after you convey your needs in the clearest way possible.

  1. Reaching Understanding.

This negotiation skill is paramount to both parties. Both parties must know and understand each others’ needs and then adjust to meet each others’ expectations. If both parties are willing to negotiate then both need to be flexible. Flexibility is an important aspect of this negotiation skill to ensure that both parties, at the end of the negotiation, are satisfied and happy. The ability to communicate, good thinking and analyzing skills and understanding of one’s mind and personality are important skills one must possess to arrive at a desirable result.


Negotiation skills are things we must possess in the workplace. We all want to be happy and live harmoniously in the workplace and the only way maintain that is to be able to negotiate with different kinds of people.

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