small business press kitSmall business press kit is necessary to provide more information about you and your business. Note that despite the name, it is not made just for the press. You can distribute or send your press kit to potential clients to let them know who you are, what you do or offer, where and how to contact you, as well as what makes you stand out from your competitors.

In this article, you would learn what documents and other promotional materials you should include when making your very own press kit.

Things that should go in your small business press kit

Although anything that promotes your business would always have room inside your small business press kit, the following are some of the basics to have a complete press kit.

  • The small business brochure. Your brochure is probably the most eye-catching item in your press kit so it should be the first thing that the client sees once he or she opens the package. Put the business name and logo on the first page and throw in some photos or graphics related to what you offer. Adding an interesting motto or a witty quote would encourage them to read further. Inside, your brochure should have a brief yet informative and well-written introduction about you and your products or services. Make sure that the rest of the pages would talk about and emphasize why the clients need whatever you are offering. Rather than simply describing your items, focus on the benefits and advantages of availing your products and services, because that’s what most customers are looking for. Because a brochure contains all the detailed information that clients need to know about your products or services, it could basically stand alone. Having a colorful three-fold small business brochure is a good alternative if you don’t want a full small business press kit.
  • The letter of introduction. This is a short letter, ideally a page or less long, that introduces yourself and your business. You should write your gratitude towards the client for accepting and looking at your small business press kit. You could place this right behind the brochure or outside the package.
  • Service or product reviews. The next item for your press kit should be your product review. Whether you are offering items or services, the review should list everything you have on offer with a description of each.
  • Your price list. This item could be included on the last page of your brochure, or combined with your product review.
  • Any press release about your business. Whether they are written by you or by someone else about your company, press releases are a great addition to your small business press kit. Make sure to include the announcement of your soft and grand opening if you are a new business, or write about your new products, branches or promos.
  • White papers. A white paper aims to explore business-related topics and issues and explain it in a way that can be easily understood by a layperson. It usually contains a call for action backed up with legitimate research data. By including white papers in your small business press kit, you are establishing your authority on that particular topic or subject.
  • Key officers’ biography. This is essentially a short resume of all the key officers in your business. Each biography would highlight the officer’s level of expertise and experience in the industry, which would add to the legitimacy and reliability of your services.
  • Coupons and flyers. These items focus on the current promos and discounts that you are offering to entice prospective clients to try out your products.
  • Sales letters. You should include direct mail sales letters inside your small business press kit because aside from being simple and no-frills, it covers everything relevant about the business that you’d want your client to know. It would aims to emphasize benefits of using your services, to create urgency to buy the products, to entice new customers and a specific call for action.

After writing, preparing and printing all these items, you just have to compile all of them together and place them in a folder or envelope with your company logo and name on it. Attach your business card in front or place it inside a slot or pocket. There you have it – your very own small business press kit! Start sending out your information package and be surprised by the amount of responses that you would get.

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