direct mailDirect mail is the process of mailing printed versions of letters, postcards and memos to a customer’s doorstep. It used to be the main method of getting news to a client. It was slow, quite expensive, and a bit tedious, but it definitely makes an impact. Receiving a direct mail creates a memorable experience that someone definitely has to notice. But with the influx of technology recently, something so slow and old school is losing its usual impact. Many marketers now look at it as obsolete because there’s a quicker, faster and more budget friendly option. In a way, it can even be more creative and attention grabbing. The question remains: is it already obsolete?

The type of business affects direct mail response

Direct mail can work for certain businesses more than it would work for others. For example, a type of business that promises a daily update on certain aspects of the company can have a hard time working with it. There might be problems with delayed mail, and the daily goal might not be met. In this instance, direct mail might not be the best option. However, if your company focuses on giving small packages along with your regular marketing letter, then it would work to make sure you bring your company’s wishes to your clients.

E-mail would be a great solution to companies who would want a very regular correspondence with their clients. Having quicker options can help allow your company to give weekly and even daily letters to your clients. With the power of technology, each letter can still have a full set of content, images, and offers without spending too much of the company’s time and resources.

Direct mail response depends on the audience

The type of audience should also affect your choice. Certain audiences would be able to enjoy your e-mails while others would appreciate your choice of direct mail. It could work with the type of people who are more set in more traditional ways. It would also be perfect for people who prefer working with printed materials. It is also great for people who have too many things in their e-mail that they would probably overlook your e-mails. However, e-mails would be great for people who are always online and would prefer quicker conversations with the companies they like. A widespread audience, such as a worldwide audience, would also need a platform that can reach out a larger territory.

Budget friendly e-mail versus hard copy direct mail

In the end, the question still remains. Direct mail is definitely not obsolete. A company simply needs to understand the differences between the two options. Another thing to consider would be the way the platform fits for your company and its vision. This type of mail is more traditional while e-mail is certainly more innovative. Direct mail may be perfect for a company that would like to send more personalized letters and packages to their clients. This is also great for a company who focuses on a smaller territory with clients that prefer printed materials. On the other hand, e-mail would be best for a company who puts importance on regular mail with a large target audience. In a nutshell, the most important thing to do would be to match up your audience and company goals so that you can find out what fits for you.

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