different keywordsDifferent keywords play a big role in bringing in web traffic to your online business. Knowing the keywords that are appropriate for your products and services would help you advertise your online business better. The keywords make your business more visible to potential clients in advertisements and search engines.

So how would you know the different keywords that would work best for your online business? This article would help you determine the right keywords to use and how to use them to grow your business.

How to use the different keywords effectively

The main goal in using these keywords is to create sales by having traffic to your site. In order to achieve this and see results, there are several steps that you should follow.

Step 1. Determine the different keywords’ traffic potential.

Some keywords attract more traffic than others. To help you determine which would generate more traffic to your site, you can use different keyword analysis tools like AdWords Analyzer, Keywords Analyzer or Wordtracker, to name a few. First you could input general terms such as ‘online business’ or home business’ or the terms related to your products and services. You will see related words that are searched for and you can do advanced searches for each. The results would show you how many searches are done for each keyword, the results returned, the number of campaigns for different search engines, and so on. This information would help you narrow down the keywords that would be most effective in promoting your business.

Step 2: Use the different keywords to optimize your website.

Once you have determined the keywords that would bring in potential clients to your business, you now have to include them to your home business website. Try to include the keywords in your anchor text when you exchange links with other sites. If you do this right, your Google ranking will improve significantly.

Step 3: Run a PPC campaign for those keywords.

Pay per click campaigns like in Google AdWords would require you to bid on different keywords in an online auction. How much you would pay for those ads would depend on the value of the keyword. Keywords that are most searched for are costlier because of the traffic they bring in to the site. If you want to bid on them, you have two options. First, have a group of people working on your bid for high traffic keywords. They would make sure that no one outbids you and at the same time, they would take care of all the negative and irrelevant keywords and search phrases. This would allow you to have the keywords that are more targeted for your potential customers, but they would cost more. The second option is to bid on numerous medium or low traffic keywords. Those would cost less, but are more targeted. If you bid on 200-300 different keywords, the total traffic would add up and give you significant results.

Step 4: Improve your PPC campaign.

Once you have used them in your ad title and H tags in your PPC campaign, you should start seeing more traffic to your site. Through trial and error, you have to work on improving your campaign. Compare and contrast two or three ads for different keywords. If you think a certain keyword does not work for a certain ad, try using it for another ad or just delete it if you feel it’s useless. Continue to do this and you will boost your click through rates in no time.

It would take time but eventually, you will end up with an ad that has everything you need. You can then expand to search engines other than Google to multiply your returns. Remember that patience and hard work is necessary in finding the different keywords and ads that would work for your business.

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