closing a saleClosing a sale is no easy feat. But closing one, each and every sale, is a win for every salesman. But it should not end here. In fact, businessmen should treat it as just the beginning of a relationship with their customer.

Closing a sale should always be followed with customer service, which is actually one of the main complaints of customers nowadays. As time went by, customers have been more particular about being serviced after. Making sure you deliver after closing a sale is very critical because #1) a dissatisfied customer will most likely rant about it and tell it to their friends, and you wouldn’t want it because #2) you lose on possible customers in the long run when they hear about the failure on your end. And in the world of sales, word of mouth is big. Referrals after closing a sale is very important if you want to build your customer base and win more profit in the end.

Things to keep in mind after closing a sale

Here are some points to remember:

1) Promises are meant to be kept.

You have probably promised some things to your customer. If you promise 3 things, then you should provide these 3 things to your customer, or else it would seem that you are just fooling him. Make sure you deliver on your promises after closing a sale so that you wouldn’t look bad in his eyes and to the eyes of his friends as well.

2) Over promise is not good.

Most likely you would like to impress your customers after. But that doesn’t mean you will promise the moon, the stars and everything that goes with it. Do not over promise if you cannot deliver. You will end up just stressing over it in the end.

3) Be smart in promising and end up a hero.

You should keep your promises and not overpromise, but there is also a smart way to do these where you will end as the hero in the end. When it comes to promising timings, make sure you put in the right buffer. If you can finish a project in 5 days, tell your client that you can do it in 10 days instead. And if you do finish earlier than that, your client will think that you are an efficient worker. If you finish later than expected, then you will definitely look bad. The key here is to be realistic in terms of the time frame. You wouldn’t want to sacrifice quality in the name of faster turnout.

In the end, the aim after closing a sale is customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer often leads to repeat sales, and customer referrals, which in the end leads to more profit for you.

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