minimum bidsMinimum bids are often required by websites that run advertising services. Minimum bids are often part of their policies assumedly to make sure that they still keep a good profit. Minimum bids range differently from site to site but for Google AdWords specifically it is a $10 minimum bid. Why is it specifically $10 then?

You’re probably reading this because you have decided to try your luck online, selected a specific target market, researched about this group, and then put up a website for them. Since your site is already up, you also chose to go give Google AdWords a try because you have heard a lot about it and you probably know some who have earned a lot from it. So being excited with all the website traffic that can benefit you, you create your AdWords account, enter in the selected keywords, and then a message pop ups saying that a minimum bid of $10 is required. But what else can you do right? Believe or not, there are actually ways where you can lower the minimum bids.

Why the need for minimum bids

An important thing you need to know about Google AdWords is that relevancy is key so irrelevant sites are punished. Relevancy is subjective, you might think. But it is actually Google that decides which is relevant and which is not, via Google Bot and its algorithm. The $10 minimum bids is actually just an illustration, the minimum bids can actually be down to $5 or even $1. It can even be in centavos. Here is how. There is a three-step way in doing it.

Three-step technique for minimum bids

Step 1 for minimum bids: Tight themes for groups

The first step in making Google Bot your ally is to make your website very much relevant the way Google defines it. That means you should create ad groups that are tightly themed, but using one strong keyword, and its variety. For example, the name for your AdGroup is on Discounted Laptops. Then you nominate the following keywords:

  • discount laptops
  • affordable laptops
  • cheap laptops
  • really cheap laptops

In doing so, your account has actually developed a tight keywords group listing which would help it to become easier to write the ads.

Step 2 for minimum bids: Keywords in ad

Do not forget when it comes to writing the ads, make sure you include your chosen keywords so it will be very helpful to Google and your prospective customers as well. This step is crucial to help decrease the minimum bids. Here is an example of an ad listing:

Really Affordable Laptops

Discounted laptops right for your budget needs. Shipping is free.

(Insert your URL here)

This ad will be classified as Google as very relevant to the keywords of your ad group. Google will also embolden all the keywords typed and searched in your ad, which will help it become more visible to your prospect. In the ad above, the terms ‘affordable’ and ‘laptops’ will be bold.

Step 3 for minimum bids: Keywords on landing page

The third step is to include the keywords on the landing page itself. This is would be very beneficial to Google and the searchers themselves. Just make sure your supporting content is still related to your topic and not forced to include the keywords. This method will help uplift your quality score and in turn eventually decrease the minimum bids.

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