duplicate content mythDuplicate content myth is a very serious matter on the internet. This is a real scare that plagues most content article websites. If your website is proven to have duplicate content then you run the risk of having it delisted from the internet. However, there is a way to go around this myth with your website being de-listed.

Duplicate content myth versus PLR

What exactly is PLR? PLR stands for Private Label Rights. This is a practice where a website owner would “rewrite” the content of another for them to use. The difference between the duplicate content myth and PLR is that the former copies everything word for word. Some even copies the design and layout of the website of another.

PLR on the other hand only uses a certain portion of the content of another website and “rewrites” it. However, PLR is still considered a unique content. If you would be practicing PLR, make sure to only copy a maximum of 25% of the content of another. This will still produce a unique content for your website.

What matters here is how search engines would find your website. If they see that your website is an exact copy of another, then it would be delisted. This is what happens in the duplicate content myth. If not, it can go along its merry way.  Remember that unique websites would score higher and would receive a better ranking than copied ones

Why PLR is a better practice to remove the fear of duplicate content myth

PLR is a widely used practice among marketers. Over the years, it is a rare thing that a website would be delisted because of PLR. There is hardly a marketer that has been caught duplicating another content website. The connection of duplicate content myth and PLR is inexistent. It is simply a “myth”.

If you are having trouble creating your own website, you should consider PLR. This is a very safe practice and should not worry you about your website being delisted. PLR would maintain a unique content that would help search engines lead your visitors to your website.

However, you shouldn’t depend too much on PLR. Duplicate content myth stemmed from website owners copying too much from another website. You have to keep in mind the 25% maximum content. Also, make sure that you don’t copy verbatim the content of another website. Make sure you rewrite it to make it look like a unique content.

The other 75% should be from your own unique creativity and ideas. When you look at the whole 100%, you would see a unique content completely evading the duplicate content myth. Just make sure that you keep that a myth and not a reality.

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