customer serviceCustomer service is the best way for your business to build a loyal client base. Apart from your quality products, excellent client service will be your ticket to maintaining a steady stream of customers. Providing exceptional customer service will actually appease your clients if they find something disappointing with your product. So how do we make sure that your customers do not leave your business with a frown?

How to deliver excellent customer service

  1. Build rapport. Nobody wants to deal with a snob. When doing sales and delivering excellent customer service, you must make your clients feel at ease. This is an important tip because this will spare you from awkward situations. Building rapport will take the edge off and this will lead to building trust. If a customer feels like they can trust you, they will feel that you will not rip them off with whatever you are offering.
  2. Treat customers with care. Most customers feel upset when they feel that they are not being treated fairly. Imagine if a customer spends money in your business but it turns out that your product or service has flaws? Of course this will upset them. However, if your customer service is exceptional, you can pacify them. Don’t let them feel that nobody cares if they are upset. No matter how irate the customer is, make them feel important and that you will get to the bottom of the problem right away. Excellent customer service is assuring upset customers that you are doing something about their concern and that you will get back to them the soonest possible time.
  3. Leave your troubles at home. Your personal troubles should not interfere with how you deliver customer service. All of us experience those bad days, but it doesn’t mean that it should affect your business. One negative feedback is all it takes to ruin a perfect trust rating.  Sales people are always prone to irate customers. They are the ones at the frontline of businesses. We all know that sometimes we cannot genuinely listen to every word the customer is saying. Many successful sales people who have become great actors. And as great actors faced with difficult situations say, “the show must go on”. No matter what personal troubles they go through, they always put a mask of happiness when they go to work. We all have our bad days, but let us not let them take part in making bad business.

Just like what the golden rule says, “Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you”. Delivering excellent customer service is like putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. If you are the consumer, you would want the best that you can have and you will not accept anything that will fall short.

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