csrCSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is becoming well known as a trend. This concept is all about making sure that companies have and keep their responsibility to its shareholders. It is reaching wide media coverage so it is becoming a popular term in the workforce. Many office workers and employees of the corporations are learning about this anti-corporation movement, and therefore the concept is reaching the more senior members of the companies.

The misconception being fed by CSR

Although CSR is a viable concept, it’s being based on a misconception that nothing has happened in the corporations system so far. It is true, of course, that corporations are traditionally owned by very successful tycoons, but recent developments have changed that. CSR fails to notice that due to the increase in companies that include pension plans and mutual funds in its employee contracts, many corporations are now owned by different workers. It doesn’t realize that the modern economy requires the existence of corporations in tandem with the people they are employing. The corporations itself are important in providing pension income and without them, many people in the labor force would be far poorer than they are right now.

The spread of the CSR concept

Nevertheless, CSR is still one of the fastest spreading economic concept today, and it probably owes its success in several different events and traits. The idea is becoming more and more prevalent in the workforce because:

  • CSR is passionate. Many people already have a presumption that the corporations are the bad guys, and it feeds on that. If the working people are being victimized then the concept has a dramatic flair that many people love to share and talk about.
  • CSR is simple. It simply says that the working people should receive more money, and a simple message is easier to convey to other people. The pro-corporation message, however, is hard to forward in simple and easy terms.
  • CSR as itself. The meaning of the acronym, Corporate Social Responsibility, is already a powerful blow against those who are pro-corporation. The mere fact that a movement’s name has the words social and responsibility in it makes it a bit hard to find empathy in the body that it is trying to oppose.
  • CSR presents a moral argument, and moral arguments are strong attention grabbers.

In the end, it is still just a concept because the important people who run the companies haven’t been making decisions just yet.

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