cross promotionsCross promotions in the business world have been around for a long time. For example, a real estate company may recommend another company that offers property insurance. In return, the insurance company will also promote the real estate company to its clients. Cross promotions operate like the barter system of primitive times where people traded goods and services instead of using money. Thus, it’s really not a new idea. They are, in essence, an exchange of advertising space. Instead of going the usual route of buying ad space on a website with cash, you would post their ad on your site.

How can you use cross promotions for your internet business?

There are a lot of ways to use cross promotions for the benefit of your business. Below are some cost-efficient and productive methods that you can use.

  • Link exchange

Link exchanges are great because of two things. First, it’s perfect for partnering with a company that is similar or related to yours. Second, search engines factor the popularity of the web pages linked to yours. As such, placing links of a more popular website will improve your ranking in search engines. This means even more traffic and exposure for you! When doing cross promotions like this, however, never link to a site that’s directly competing with your brand.

  • Ezine subscription

You can also do them on your ezine’s subscription page. You can try placing another company’s subscribe badge below or beside your own.

  • Ezine ad space or articles

This is just like the online version of two non-competing publications exchanging ad space. If you want, you can also do cross promotions by exchanging column space.

  • Bylines

If you write free articles on websites to promote your company, you can also include another product recommendation in your byline for another opportunity to do them.

  • Ebook

You can also do cross promotions if you’re planning to publish an ebook. It’s an excellent way to promote both your business and a partner’s. Make sure, however, that the ebook won’t only benefit these two companies. The primary purpose of an ebook, after all, is to be helpful to the client. For example, a video game company can do cross promotions with another business that sells gaming devices.


As with all marketing strategies, it’s important to carefully choose who you’re doing it with. The kind of products you recommend will reflect on you. If you promote a disappointing company, it will affect your credibility, as well. Lastly, always remember to never cross promote with competition. Instead, direct your cross promotions towards companies that belong to the same industry or offer products that can supplement your own.

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