crisis managementCrisis management is now a necessary agendum for businesses. The internet has opened limitless opportunities for businesses to expand their markets. However, it has likewise opened doors to possibility of business reputations being ruined by social media backlashes.

Why Crisis Management is essential

A brand that a company has painstakingly built may be destroyed by bad PR in just a snap. That is why crisis management must be among the priorities of your organization. A plan must be in place for you to salvage your business reputation in case someone tries to ruin it. Remember that the Internet is very powerful. Public opinion is expressed in many avenues. These include forums, chat rooms, social media platforms, blogs, and websites.

Without a crisis management plan in place, you will not be able to abruptly stop a bad press release. Just imagine this scenario. You own a restaurant. In your social media fan page or website for example, someone throws in a bad review of your restaurant. He may have commented on poor customer service or bad dining experience. Another scenario is when someone blogs about it. If the blogger has numerous followers, word will go out like wildfire. How do you stop it? Launch your crisis management team!

How to succeed in crisis management

It is not hard to imagine that the above-described scenarios may happen to just about any business. Even businesses at the top of their game are prone to this. Whenever your business’s name is being tarnished whether online or offline, get your crisis management team to work on it. If you don’t have one yet, form a committee immediately.

Here, time is of the essence. You have to stop the false rumors from spreading before the damage becomes irreparable. Remember the story of a boy who spread false gossips in town? He went to the town priest to confess and apologize. The priest told him that he could forgive him but he had to do something for him first. The priest asked the boy to cut open a feather pillow and scatter the feathers to the winds. Thinking it was too easy a task, the boy complied. Afterwards, he went back to the priest to say that the task was accomplished already. The priest then told him to gather the feathers, which was an impossible task. After all, the damage caused by the boy’s words was also impossible to repair.

To succeed in crisis management, you need to have good foresight. Prepare for negative publicity. If you think a bad press release can go out of hand, proceed to management. Didn’t they say that prevention is better than cure? To do this, make internet monitoring a part of your crisis management plan. Monitor newsgroups, related websites, forums, and chat groups. Once you have adequate preparation, management will come easy.

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