promotional postcardsPromotional postcards are used as an option for promotional items by businesses. They were meant to be more personal and more captivating to potential and existing customers so that the relationship would be well maintained. Promotional postcards may either be mailed, handed out during events or conferences, or as an additional giveaway with every sale at a physical store. There are a lot of printing and publishing houses out there that provide printing of promotional postcards. These service companies may be the ones to design the postcards and you can just have them printed there, or they can do everything from conception of the design to printing. Should you decide to do the promotional postcards yourself, here is a simple step by step process you can follow in doing it.

Steps in creating promotional postcards

These are three P’s in a DIY process.

Step 1: Planning

As with any project undertaking, the very first step is planning. You should visualize how you would like your postcards to end up, the kind of materials it will come from, and the appropriate postcard contents.

In the planning stage you should also keep in mind your business objectives. Are you using the promotional postcards for brand awareness, to retain loyalty, to encourage sales, to show current business standing? Knowing this would really help in how to go about in your creation.

Step 2: Production

After you have carefully planned and visualized the kind of promotional postcards you need, the next step is to bring these ideas to life via producing them. In this stage, you will need tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, or whatever editing software application you are most comfortable to work with.

Step 3: Printing

Finally the last step is the printing phase. You have two options here, you may print the postcards yourself, or you may choose to hire a printing service. If you decide to print these yourself, you would just need a trusty desktop printer. At least you can select your own paper, adjust the brightness, color, and contrast, and do a lot of test prints until you get to the ideal one.

Outsourcing promotional postcards

If you are too busy to do the promotional postcards yourself, or you feel that you do not have the right skill set to do it, then you can just outsource and leave it to the experts. There are quite a number of skilled commercial printing companies out there that have been supplying promotional postcards. Make sure you do the right research, check if the company can provide your needs and specifications.

Upon receiving your postcards, the next step is to distribute them. You can mail them via snail mail or give them away personally during an event or at a store.

Other types of promotional postcards

You have another option when it comes to promotional postcards and this one does not entail having them printed. I’m talking about online postcards. An advantage of these electronic postcards is that since you do not need to print them and mail them physically, they are more affordable and more convenient to disseminate. They are easy to create as well, since there are already ready templates of postcards online. Just choose the template, and then put in the content you want, and then you just have to type in the email addresses of the recipients. And then you’re done!

In the end, should you go for printed promotional postcards or the electronic ones, you have to keep your goals in mind and hopefully the postcards can help you achieve your business goals.

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