construction resumeConstruction resume should be carefully crafted if you would like to be hired by your prospective construction firm. The real estate market is on a boom. As a result, more buildings are being constructed. As such, there is a lot of manpower needed in the construction industry.

Stand out from the fierce and competitive job market. Your construction resume should readily reflect your technical skills. Your advanced knowledge must get noticed by the hiring manager or recruiter.

The basic personal information it should have is your complete full name. It must also have a permanent address. It must have an updated contact information. That includes telephone numbers and email addresses.

Additional Tips in Writing a Construction Resume

Aside from your relevant personal information, your construction resume should also contain the following.

  • Your resume should have a personalized career objective. This must show your sense of direction to your prospective employer.
  • Your resume should have an organized work history and experience. This includes the names of your previous employers and your corresponding job descriptions.
  • Your construction resume should highlight training and certifications. Include your community endeavors and memberships to clubs and professional organizations.
  • You should mention the past projects you have handled previously. This should include the size and value of the contracts. The number of staff that you handled must be included too.
  • Your construction resume should include the responsibilities in a detailed manner. This includes all the roles you played during all stages of construction. Procuring equipment and materials and recruiting construction workers.
  • Your construction resume should also include references and their contact numbers. These can be the people you are frequently in contact with in the construction industry. Include planners, buyers, supervisors, clients and other subcontractors.
  • You can also highlight your financial responsibilities on major projects. This will show your mathematical and analytical skills.
  • A good construction resume should also mention other aspects of the job. Mention about designing plans and purchasing construction materials.
  • When writing your resume, you should highlight new procedures you developed. This includes policies and processes you introduced in your team.
  • If you were in charge of financial responsibilities, your construction resume should specify that. Don’t forget to include some of the important projects that you have completed as well as your accomplishments. These details will not be considered as bragging. But will put your construction resume ahead of other applications.
  • To make your resume stand out, mention your contributions in cost-effective procedures. Your role in the improvement of the output of your department or company must be included.
  • Do not forget to highlight any other achievements from which your team, department, and company has benefited.

By following these tips, you should be able to come up with an effective construction resume!

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