cover letter for accountantsCover letter for accountants has the same goal. That is to convince the reader that this person is worth inviting for an interview. There is however a stigma among accountants that their job is somewhat dull and unexciting. But, cover letter for accountants shouldn’t be.

Cover letters for accountants must be simple and direct to the point. It must be attention-grabbing, just like any other cover letter should be. Nevertheless, there are still some distinct variation between cover letters for accountants and another one made by applicants of other careers. Follow these simple tips to help you get your resume out there:

How Cover Letter for Accountants can Stand Out from the Rest

1) Cover Letter for Accountants Tip #1: Be very specific

During reviews of resumes, the first step is usually the human resource department. It screens the submissions of all applicants and forwards the qualified applicants to the hiring manager. This therefore entails that cover letter for accountants must elaborate on the job specifics. What specifics do you need to put there? Try reviewing the job application post. You may even contact the company to ask on their requirements. However, make sure that your cover letter is not just a historical listing of qualifications. Leave that to your resume.

2) Cover Letter for Accountants Tip #2: Use Bullets or Tables

The human resources department is usually just handed over a qualifications list of applicants, because they may be not that aware of the field of accountancy. Therefore, if the human resource person does not see these qualifications in your cover letter for accountants, or you used generalized qualifications, then your cover letter might just be ignored. To help your letter get noticed and read easily, it would be better to organize it using bullet points or tabulate the information, so that you may emphasize on the much needed qualifications.

3) Cover Letter for Accountants Tip #3: Choose your words wisely

If your cover letter gets shortlisted out of the bunch, then there is a great chance that you will be invited in for the job interview. To help seal in the deal, cover letters must possess the right effective words that show how eager and enthusiastic you are about the job, as well as an indication of great communication skills. Even though accountancy is primarily about numbers, cover letter for accountants, being able to smoothly communicate and interact with others is also critical. As mentioned, an accountant’s job is usually perceived as being monotonous, then the hiring manager will surely hire the applicant that shows eagerness to succeed.

4) Cover Letter for Accountants Tip #4: Aim to be hired

The cover letter should be focused on getting to the next step of the application and getting hired. Therefore, part of the letter should state that you want to be interviewed and considered for the post. This shows assertiveness and self-assurance to the hiring manager, and proves to them how interested you are in meeting them. Cover letter for accountants must also contain how your skills can be an advantage to the company. Cover letters for accountants also differ from other cover letters in such a way that it incorporates expertise, personality, and accounting jargons that will fare well with the hiring manager.

5) Cover Letter for Accountants Tip #5: Don’t be generic

Make sure your cover letter is not to general and just blends in with the crowd. Some people who are lazy would just search for cover letter templates from the internet. Remember that cover letter for accountants are specific to an accountancy position and therefore must be more specific. A cover letter template retrieved from the web will not showcase the capabilities and qualifications of an accountant. In the accountancy world, there is no space for being generic. Companies are expecting their accountants to excel at certain areas, and for you to be noticed, you have to be specific when it comes to your skills.

6) Cover Letter for Accountants Tip #6: A Great Opening Sentence

As with other cover letters, or probably on letters in general, the first sentence alone should be captivating enough for the reader to go on. In the absence of a great first sentence, the human resource person may just skim through the rest of the letter and not forward you through the next round. The hiring manager must see from the letter the personality fit and qualifications fit of the application in order for him to be considered. If the cover letter fails to impress the reader from the first two sentences, it probably will just end up in the trash can.

You wouldn’t want to be part of that trash pile. In order to do that, follow these simple steps in order to make sure your cover letter for accountants will stand out.

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