cover letterCover letter writing is not an easy task. It is like giving out a speech where you have to address an audience and make a good statement. In writing your letter, you also have an audience – the employer, and you definitely have to make a good statement to make your application unforgettable. The only difference is that in cover letter writing, it is your application that does the talking.

3 Guidelines on How to Write A Cover Letter

To prepare you in writing, there are three important things you need to learn and keep in mind.

  1. Make an impression.

Your application is your gateway to the job you want. Cover letter writing may even give you an edge over other applicants. In drafting, never forget that it must always make an impression. Tell the employer why your skills can help you perform the job best. Relate your strengths and weaknesses to the job you are applying for.

Like in public speaking, use strong words to begin and end your cover letter. Yes, letter writing is also an art. Keep your thesaurus close when you start making one.

  1. Write about your vision of how to perform the job.

Writing your letter is not only about why you are the best one suitable for the job. Your qualifications can be easily seen by the employer from your curriculum vitae. Thus, cover letter writing also involves a narration of how you, with skills you have, will perform the tasks to be assigned to you. A few general statements about time management and cooperation are good. However, to make an impression, cover letter writing should include specific steps or acts on how to finish the job assigned.

  1. Keep it short, simple, and clear.

An employer may receive more than a hundred applications for a particular job. If your cover letter is too long, the employer may lose interest in your application. In writing, use short sentences. Keep your paragraphs in desirable lengths. The whole letter must not exceed 1 page.

It is, indeed, important to make an impressive cover letter. However, writing it is not some kind of circus where you show off. Keep your it simple, without vainglory and full of humility.

Aside from short and simple sentences, your letter must also clearly convey your interest of the job. In cover letter writing, ensure that your sentences are plainly and concisely written, and not beating around the bush.

These are the three things to guide you. Never forget that writing it is like public speaking, you need to make a good statement to be remembered. Now, take a deep breath and start writing!

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