cope with redundancyCope with redundancy is something that has to be learned right away by people who are living with uncertain jobs. In the old days, one could stay at a job for years on end and won’t have to worry about his future at the company. Unfortunately, this is not the case these days and we should expect to have, at the very least, 3 or 4 job changes in our lifetime. With the uncertainty of the global economy, it would be wise to be prepared for the worst and learn how to cope with redundancy.

When faced with lay offs, we feel as though we are out of control and that we cannot do something about it. We become depressed, anxious about the future, and resistant to change. But whatever we feel, redundancy is something that we have to deal with it, whether we want it or not. That is why we have to learn to cope with redundancy in order to survive the rat race.

I get the chance to speak with a lot of people who have been laid off. For them, what makes it worse is that these people feel they were betrayed because they have given it “their all” in their jobs. These are the people who were focused too much on their work, that they have neglected the personal areas of their lives. The moment that these people lost their jobs, the void created by the loss would be so much greater and harder to deal with. It is these kinds of people who have a hard time coping.

Tips on How to Cope with Redundancy

  1. In order to cope with it, you must have strike the perfect balance between your professional and personal lives. Make it a point that both are thriving; always be the best at your job but at the end of the day, you should be able to spend it with your family and friends.
  2. Another useful tip to cope with redundancy if and when it comes is to periodically scout other companies and the available positions they offer.
  3. Always have a back up plan so you will have an easier time to cope. Set aside a small amount of your salary every month as your nest egg.
  4. Think of your redundancy as a cloud with a silver lining. After the surprise has worn off, try to look at your situation objectively and use it as an opportunity to look for a job that is better than the one you used to have. You have a better chance to cope with redundancy if you put a positive spin on things.
  5. Take control of the situation by taking any form of action, instead of sulking and worrying. It can be something as simple as going for a run, or cooking your favorite recipe. You will instantly feel better and learn to cope with redundancy if you are doing something about it instead of just moping around.
  6. Meet up with friends and former colleagues to do some brainstorming. Come up with concrete ideas on the next steps to take. Now is not the right time to be alone and being with other people can help you cope with redundancy.
  7. Now is the perfect time to check and explore your skills. You can cope if you get to know yourself a little more and see if the skills you have learned from the last job could be used in other areas.
  8. Sometimes, a clean break from everything is all you need. If you can afford it, taking a short trip for a few days will provide you a fresh perspective and as such, you may see things more clearly and this will help you cope with redundancy.
  9. Another way to successfully cope is to share your experiences with other people as they will have something to say about it and can empathize with what you are going through. Take comfort in the company of others and in the knowledge that you are not alone.
  10. Take good care of yourself. You might have some sleepless nights or lose your appetite; but still, try to eat properly and do exercises. Maintain your health as this will be needed in your job hunting. Having a hearty appetite, a good night’s sleep, and a positive attitude will help you cope with redundancy.

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