content ideasContent ideas are not always easy to find. Even the most experienced writers run out of them.

Find the Most Marketable Content Ideas

One of the best ways to showcase your business is through publishing articles. Most people who do not have websites use ezine to spread word about their businesses. However, it takes one to launch a website or start ezine and another to maintain it. You should always have fresh content to share to your readers. Here are some content ideas that you might want to explore:

  • Real life stories are worth sharing. Give life to your business. Show that there are people behind it. Show your readers for instance situations experienced by your other customers and how you helped them with their dilemmas. If your product is about weight loss pills, show success stories of people who used your product and how they were able to accomplish their weight loss goals through your product.
  • Look for areas where you want your clients to think of you as an expert. If your website is about content writing, you should take time to write tips about how to effectively write good content. Publish a series of articles it.
  • Do not stop reading. You can get content ideas by reading other people’s websites, newspapers, and blogs. Are there hot issues pertaining to your field of expertise? Write an opinion about it, or discuss the two sides of the story.
  • Look for questions that your clients have asked you in the past and answer them. There are questions that clients will ask over and over again. You can place it in your FAQs or write a series of articles answering the most common questions of your clients. If you are publishing weekly, that means you have a few months of content already lined up for your page, right? If you cannot think of any, you can post in your forum that you’ll be answering your client’s questions over the next few weeks so they may post their questions on the forum.
  • Share your learning. Have you gone into a seminar, workshop, or conference lately? Pass on what you have learned elsewhere by sharing them on your page. Just don’t forget to mention where you’ve learned those things.
  • Tips are great content ideas. Where else would your readers learn but from you? Among the most common and most read content of blogs are tips coming from experts. So offer a list of your top 5 or top 10 tips on a particular subject. Make sure that your tips are supported with research for added credibility.
  • Interview other experts. It is nice to share what other people are saying about a certain topic. Share what other experts think by conducting interviews with them and writing a story about it. You can conduct e-mail interviews if it is not possible to conduct it face-to-face. Be sure that what you will write will not compete or any harm your reputation. Also, give a short ad in favor of the person you interviewed at the bottom of your article.
  • Book reviews and recommendations are excellent content ideas too. If your page is about weight loss, you can recommend books that will help your readers with their weight loss goals. If it is about Internet marketing, there are plenty of books and resources that will be useful to your readers.
  • Get your audience involved. Running out of ideas already? Ask your readers what are the things that they want to know? And then, at the bottom of your question, tell them that you will publish their name, business and Web address in case their chosen question or topic will be chosen. Attention and free publicity can go a long way.
  • Feature a reader. This is related to success stories as mentioned above. Invite your readers to share their stories so you can write about them in your website.
  • When you really cannot write about anything, it does not hurt to borrow an article. The Internet is a rich source of content ideas. The articles there are free to use. If you are going to borrow an idea from another person, acknowledge where you got it. Or mention that you got the article from this particular website.

In writing articles for your ezine or website, keep in mind that your goal is to attract more customers. Make sure to write interesting articles so that your readers will enjoy going back to your page.

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