career moveCareer move is something that is both daunting and exciting. Although many people are not satisfied with their present jobs, most are afraid to take a chance in a new, unfamiliar territory. It requires one to rethink his/her life, something that takes a lot of time but is actually beneficial in the long run.

A career move will be less scary if you plan ahead before deciding. It must be smooth and for that to happen, a career transition must be taken into consideration. If you decide taking it into a new field, then you must consider going back to school for further studies.

Career Move and Self-Evaluation

Before you decide on a specific career move, you must first assess yourself. Evaluate yourself; list your goals and values, interests, present skills and even the things that you dislike. Knowing and understanding these things will help you choose a move. The knowledge that you possess now  can be useful to you even when you enter a new field.

Career Move and the Need for Further Study

A career move might be a complete and total change. Ask yourself again what your core values and goals are and then decide if you need further study to upgrade and add new knowledge. One that is towards a totally new field requires one to either add new knowledge by applying in a different course or to upgrade his/her knowledge by getting a Master’s degree. Consider taking night classes if you cannot quit your day job. A career move to a whole new different field is challenging and exciting. Take the time in completing your chosen degree. Enjoy the learning process and avoid an excessively stressful life. The preparation towards a career move need not be painful and nerve-racking.

A need for further study may be too time-consuming and expensive for some. Presently, there are alternatives to those who want to attend schools while working. There are online schools which offer courses you might need in your future career move. Online schools also offer flexible class schedules. It is also less expensive and more practical. Another option, when considering it, is to earn a technical certificate or undergo short-term training.

Career Move within the Company

If the career move you choose is to stay in the same company and make a change internally, then you might want to consider asking for more workload or new tasks. This kind is not as drastic but is still very challenging. Working on new tasks and extra workload may bring attention to your skills and capabilities and might get you a promotion or a new position.

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