trade showsTrade shows have become part and parcel of doing business. For entrepreneurs, whether neophytes of experts, they offer opportunity to meet more potential clients.

Why trade shows are essential for your business

In business, first impression is crucial. It can spell the difference between its success and its failure. The cliché “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is befitting to be your guiding principle in business. It should also be your organization’s mantra during trade shows.

They are important since this is an avenue for you to promote your products and services. It is also a way to get a glimpse of your competition. They are a never-ending series of fresh start. They open windows and doors of opportunity.

If everything goes as planned, you can be starting the day without any client and be ending it with many. If you are lucky enough, the relationship you build in these trade shows could last for years. Conversely, if you are not able to create a good first impression, you’ll be losing potential clients and eventually money.

The importance of starting well is that you make the battle half-fought. Once you are able to connect with your client, you have already started earning their trust. From there, you can proceed to negotiating a deal and closing it. That’s why establishing rapport with potential clients is very important. Trade shows allow you the chance to do that.

How to create a favorable impression during trade shows

Perhaps you are into selling, cars, electronics, furniture, jewelry, etc. It doesn’t really matter whatever product you offer. Here, you sell one thing – YOU. Your company and everything it represents are what you are trying to sell during trade shows.

Since you are selling yourself, the first thing you need to get is your customers’ trust. Nowadays, buyers are being more skeptical. As corporate scandals become rampant, they begin to become more probing.

You can turn this situation into an opportunity for success. In trade shows, you can show how your business values due diligence. They provide consumers with the opportunity to assess companies and what they can offer. Conversely, they provide entrepreneurs the chance to show off and present their sincere intentions.

To build a customer’s trust, here’s what you can do during trade shows:

1) Pay attention to non-verbal communication.

Hear what your customers have to say without them saying it. Your knowledge of body language can be put to use. As you read your target customer’s body language, you should work on yours too. Show them that you are ready to assist them with their concerns. Never have the mistake of projecting that you are unwilling to be in trade shows. If customers notice your body language conveying this, they will never waste their time on you. Thus, never stand on your booth with your arms folded. It actually sends a message for people to “stay away!” Meanwhile, reading a book, magazine or journal while sitting down during trade shows tells people that you don’t want to be bothered. Chatting with your colleagues sends the same message. In all these conduct, you are actually telling the attendees that they are not important to you.

2) Listen, talk and socialize.

Instead of just standing on your exhibit, approach the attendees. Engage them into a conversation or even small talks. Greet them with a simple “hello”. Remind them to keep in touch with you even after the trade shows.

However, remember that while talking is essential, listening takes a bigger slice of the cake. Take the time to listen to what the attendees have to say. Give your full attention to them so when they ask you questions, you can give appropriate answers.

As you do that, you make the attendees feel how committed you are in addressing their concerns. You are actually laying the foundations of a good relationship with your potential clients at this time. Again, you can do all these things at trade shows. So you better take advantage of the opportunity being provided you by these shows.

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