commercial iconCommercial icon is often used in promoting a business. Today, businesses often have a pool of icons for each of their product. Some icons are celebrities, others are identities played by different celebrities. There are those who utilize new media and employ bloggers to become a commercial icon on the internet. Celebrity or not, an icon can always help a business become known to as many people as possible.

What a commercial icon can do

An icon can help a business or product in three ways.

  1. Helps to easily identify products and services.

A commercial icon is associated with a product or service making it easily identifiable even when it stands at the end of the aisle in a supermarket. It helps consumers remember how it looks, what its colors are, and what particular product it is.

  1. Gives the product or service a particular standard.

A commercial icon is not only associated with the product or service but also with the business. Hence, if a business is known for its high quality products, any new product introduced by the icon will be associated to such high quality as well.

  1. Bring the product or service closer to consumers.

An icon identifies with consumers. If you would notice, a commercial icon for male products is played by a man with a hot body. An icon for feminine products is a lady, sexy and beautiful. These icons bring the products to consumers, thereby encouraging the latter to purchase the product.

Famous commercial icons of all time

Do you have an icon who promotes your business and products for you? It’s high time that you have! Here are a few celebrated icons who are still enjoyed and known until today.

  • Doublemint Twins

Doublemint Twins are used by Wrigley to promote its gum with the tagline “double the pleasure, double the fun”. Because of the term ‘double’, Doublemint Twins are played by real-life twins. The twins were used to promote the characteristics of Doublemint gums. The most recent Doublemint Twins are Natalie and Nicole Garza who rode a tandem bike while enjoying their Wrigley’s gum.

  • Marlboro Man

Everybody knows Marlboro Man from print to TV. He is a character created to identify the use of cigarettes to machismo. An American cowboy and very masculine character became a commercial icon that made Marlboro a worldwide brand.

  • Ronald McDonald

In front of every McDonald’s restaurant, there is a man standing. Even kids know who he is. He is Ronald McDonald. He was created to identify with both children and adults. Ronald McDonald is one of the world’s oldest icons, and he is used by the fast-food chain worldwide.

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