choosing graphic designerChoosing graphic designer for your online website, advertising or marketing is something all businesses have to experience. If you have not ever undergone choosing graphic designer, you’ll probably be surprised of all the horror stories you’ll hear from others. Not only is this task of choosing graphic designer very time consuming, it can also be very difficult and frustrating, especially because you’ll depend your whole online company image on this graphic designer whom you have never once worked with or have known personally. Some of them may have even worked with your competitors.

Because choosing graphic designer is a daunting task, you may need to evaluate the basics which are vital in any industry. Questions like “Is the prospective graphic designer on time when you met?”, “Does he and his team respect you and treat you well?”, “Do they come prepared before each meeting?” are essential questions that are detrimental in choosing graphic designer.

Once you’ve determined the designers that meet your desired answers to these requirements, you’ll find that choosing graphic designer will be a lot easier since your pool of prospects become smaller. After limiting your list, you now have to look into the specifics.

Four important guidelines in choosing graphic designer

  1. Portfolio

In choosing graphic designer, you have to understand that you can’t base it all on this matter, however, it is still quite important if you look into the intricate details. For instance, if your intent is to lose designers with small portfolios so that choosing graphic designer would mainly be based on those who had the best impression, then you may be missing out. There’s more to choosing graphic designer than simply picking designers in three piece suits. There are cases when a simple graphic designer with only 10 pages of work is best for you, or may be a person who has no college degree at all. Sure choosing graphic designer with a lot of ideas and experience is a common resort, but it does not necessarily mean they are capable exhausting their full potential in their work.

  1. Planning

When choosing graphic designer, look into their confidence and preparation. Did he enter into the room with his dashing briefcase? Or is he running outside the parking lot looking for his missing papers? Was he well prepared with his documents, or did he forget a requirement you’ve been telling him to do constantly? Planning is an important factor in choosing graphic designer, unless you prefer wasting time talking about the things he missed out. A designer that fails to prepare the first time he has ever met you may not be the type to change his ways once you’ve hire him.

  1. Perspective

Choosing graphic designer cannot simply be done based on first impressions and preparations alone. You have to look deeply into a designer’s thoughts. Does he see the world in the same light as you do? Do you have the same pint of view? If your opinions are similar or at least compliments each other, then that would mean it is easier for you to work better. So in choosing graphic designer, learn to find one with the same beliefs. An advertisement regarding your product may appear fantastic to your designer’s eyes, but as long as you are not appreciating the ad in the same light, you may never achieve the results you’re looking for in the designer you’ve chosen. So in choosing graphic designer, choose one that understands where you’re coming from.

  1. Presentation

The way your designer moves, dresses and present their work says a lot about them. Take a look at how they show themselves. What do they look like? Do they appear refined or decent in appearance alone? Do their shoes look clean and shiny? Are their fingernails cut and filed to look neat and well taken-cared of? At the same time, try to look at their portfolio. Does it appear well prepared and detailed? Attention to all things, even miniscule aspects of their appearance and their work says a lot about how they will take care of their project with you.

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