right affiliate programRight affiliate program allows is where all us wants to be. It is where we can earn profits. It is where we can learn more strategies. To be in the right affiliate program is to be on the right track.

Factors to Determine if you are in the Right Affiliate Program

To make money in affiliate marketing, you need the right affiliate program. This can be found through making your research and looking at specific aspects. In this article, we have provided you with things that you would need to look out for.

Sign-Up Cost

Most affiliate programs nowadays are free. This is the better choice for most people interested in affiliate marketing. Why spend when you can get it without spending a single penny?

Type of Affiliate Program

There are one and two tier programs. The payment for one tier programs is solely based on the profit you generated without any third party. However, a two tier program includes the profit earned by the people you referred. You get a small commission from them, which can be considered as your recruitment fee.

Hit per Sale Ratio

Before getting into a program, find this out. This will tell you your target traffic in order to earn your commission. Make sure that the one you’ll take is something you can comply with.


The right affiliate program can track the people you refer via the links on your website. This is important. This is how you can earn. Together with this, the amount of time they spend in the site should also be tracked. Those who didn’t purchase anything at first may eventually turn out to be paying customers.

Affiliate Stats

An affiliate program that can provide you with your affiliate stats is very crucial. The right affiliate program lets you access this anytime and anywhere. Through it you can see your progress. You can see the number of impressions and hits. You can track sales you have brought from your website.

Inclusive in the Affiliate Program’s Payment

The right affiliate program also pays for hits and impressions. This will give you extra income. This is notwithstanding your commission.

Issuance of Commission Checks

Don’t forget to find out when you can get your income. Different programs have different days of issuing commission checks. It can be monthly, quarterly and so forth. The right affiliate program has payment dates that correspond to your money needs.

Online Retailer

You need to know how the company and its products. They have to be credible. The more educated you are about the company, the easier you can determine the right affiliate program.


Usually a commission would range around 5%-20%. Sometimes commission can be aided with the payment for each hit. This is usually .01%-.05%. If you are lucky to find ones that offer a higher commission rate, very good for you.

These are only a few things that you need to watch out for. Of course, there are more queries that need answers. Carefully examine the available affiliate programs. So, you’ll have a better chance in finding the right one. Remember, a successful career in an affiliate program is our end goal.

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