charging feesCharging fees has always been a dilemma of creative professionals. It is not because their client cannot afford to pay or is not flexible in complying with the fees. It is because most of the time, the artist does not set the charging fees right.

Charging fees based on value not by the hour

Always remember to build your business depending on value not by the hour. Charging by the hour is a big no-no if you want your business to thrive. The time it would take for you to provide solutions to the client’s concerns should not be the main concern. Charging fees should be based on whether the client was able to receive what he has asked for. If you are providing them value, then they should pay exactly for that value, not for time. If you are charging based on time then you are limiting the amount you can earn because you can only render service for a limited number of hours.

Charging fees by value by asking the right questions

To be able to get what you deserve, you should be able to identify the value you are giving to your customer. Charging fees is accurately done by asking yourself and the client the right questions namely:

  1. What is the concern of the customer? Is it easy to solve or would require complex creative abilities?
  2. What will you be able to give that will provide solutions to their concerns?
  3. How will solving the concerns of the customer affect them?
  4. What are the priorities of the customer? Why are these priorities important to them?
  5. Did the customer avail services of another artist in the past? What was the experience of the customer in working with that artist and with charging fees? Was it a good one or a bad one?
  6. Why did the customer choose you for this particular concern?
  7. What are the client’s performance indicators? Ask the client what would make him say that he made the right decision to hire you for this project.

To ensure that charging fees will be done correctly, make sure that you are able to get from the client the answers to the questions that you need from him. Do not guess. By doing so, you will be able to imbibe in the mind of the client your significance in making the project a success. This will make them very willing to pay you based on the method of charging fees that you have set. If they are not able to appreciate your worth then they will not pay you no matter how much you modify the method of charging.

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