cataloguesCatalogues have been around for the longest possible time in recent history.  These days, marketing agents and advertisers turn to different mediums such as television and the Internet. However effective these avenues are, there are still a large number of potential customers who prefer good old printed materials.

A television commercial reaches millions, if not hundreds of millions of people and thus makes the ad campaign viral. It has the potential to popularize smartphone brands, sanitary napkin, the newest gadgets, and so on and so forth. The Internet also does the same. The main problem with this is the cost of production. If you want to put your brand out there, you have to have a serious amount of budget to be able to afford these types of media.

Catalogues are still awesome

Catalogues are just as good in meeting your revenue targets.  If you know how to utilize this method to its full potential, you will save yourself a lot of money and you’ll be able to focus on other concerns about your brand. Most consumers like to have a copy of something that they can go over many times.

There are moments wherein a potential customer would like to go back and forth on a certain page and think thoroughly if he or she should buy that product. This is where the catalogues come in handy. If you have this, you can just give them a copy and they will get back to you once they have decided. Since this is mass produced, you can basically give this to anybody and it can reach far lengths.

Below are pointers that will help you in sprucing up your catalogue and boosting the reach of your campaign.

  • Design your catalogue effectively

A catalogue is a printed material that you give to people for the purposes of: a. making your brand known and b. encouraging potential customers to buy your products. You should employ scientific approaches in meeting these goals. You must have adequate statistical, demographical and psychographic data to better develop your business. Adjust your catalogue accordingly to these factors.

Sending catalogues through mail is a usual practice. If you want to target middle class females who are in their late 20s to early 30s, make a catalogue addressed to them. Additionally, make sure your list of contacts is updated. It would be useless if you keep on sending catalogues and they won’t be able to see it because the addresses are messed up. You can also make a PDF file and send them via e-mail. This is getting more and more common nowadays so if you have the capacity to produce a soft copy of catalogues, go ahead and make one.

  • Don’t forget that visuals matter

It is important that the front cover of your catalogue is attractive. This way, you will invite prospects to take a peek inside. A gorgeous catalogue unconsciously tricks the prospects to turn the pages without them even knowing it.


Other marketing strategies may come and go but making catalogues remains as one of the best forms of advertisements.

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